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10 Job Hunting Sites to Use if you want to be Hired

Many candidates are stressed because they have used several Job Hunting Sites without getting hired. Are you in that position right now? grasping for air because your emails aren’t been attended to?  then you have the right post here.

after conducting a review on over 100 different job websites, we have finally picked our Top ten. here are the parameters guiding our selections

  • Easy to use for job search
  • Features
  • Number of industries covered by the site
  • Reputation
  • Services offer. Such as resume and cover letter building


These are the parameter that we put in place before selecting these top sites as our top 10 job hunting sites to use if you want to get hired.

The top 10 job hunting websites include Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and FlexJobs and 5 more. These sites are the best. you can count on them to get the result when you post your resume online to get a job.


10 Job Hunting Sites to Use if you want to be Hired


The ability to cover millions of job opportunity gives this job search website the edge over others. They have more job opportunities as well as making it easy for job seekers to search and get the job with ease.

The application process on Indeed is the fastest and easiest any job website can offer, this makes it one of the best to use if you want to get hired.

Indeed offers job posting on every industry, levels as well as lifestyle, that’s it is easy to get freelancing job, part-time, internships or full-time jobs on indeed. They also make search ease and interesting as a user can search on a job by its title, location, salary range, level or posting date.


Although comparable to indeed, in terms of catering for job seekers from all experience levels as well as work style. Monster also provides users with free tools.

It is great in quality as well as usability. makes job search easy for job seekers. However, it contains fewer jobs when compared to Indeed and not as many opportunities as formal.


CareerBuilder is one job search website you can count on if you want to get hired. The job posting on this site are directly from employers. They also are in partnership with local news companies that help in listing the job ads on their sections.

CareerBuilder gathers data for jobs in different sources and does well in republishing it on other sites.


LinkedIn has one of the best job search engines. What makes this website unique is the networking aspect. it is easy to be found and offer a job on LinkedIn than any other Job website.

The LinkedIn profile serves as your digital resume and portfolio open to the public. Here recruiters take a turn in viewing your resume and chat you up if you meet their need. Therefore it is important to invest time and knowledge in optimizing your Linkedin profile. LinkedIn is free, to begin with, You can create and optimize your profile for free as well as search for jobs. However, they off premium membership whip will require you to spend before viewing detail insights.


This is certainly the best job websites for employers. The kicks off as a rating and reviewing website since then it has expanded to include job searching as well as salary research features.

This platform is also an interactive one. where Job seekers visit each company’s Glassdoor profile to read detailed reviews on employee and interviewee experiences. This could help them in preparing for the companies interview. In addition, Glassdoor is free.

Here you have the top 5, Later we do look at the reminding which is;  Scouted, LinkUp, SimplyHired, Snagajob and Facebook Job search.




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