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5 High Pay Remote Jobs that Requires No Skills

Today, you do be learning about top Remote Jobs that Requires No Skills. We do take our time to expressively explain this job and why you can easily do them with little or no skills. However, this post is not created to discourage from gaining skills. Skills are very important especially these days the number of unemployment is on the rise globally. Having a skill will definitely give you an edge over none skilled person.  Therefore work on gaining a skill.

For the context of this content, We understand that many might not have any skills yet. Some fresh graduates or undergraduate and you want a job. That is okay, However, when the job comes endeavour to acquire a skill. this will help you grow.

Here are the top Remote Jobs you can do without any Skills.

Remote Jobs that Requires No Skills

Social Media Management Jobs

You don’t have to be a pro to fit into this job. Almost every educated person is on one social platform or the other. You need little or no skill to begin to provide with time you do learn and become better.

Social Media Management job is a branch of marketing that is becoming a great career these days. The job descriptions include; monitoring companies online channels and ensure their online presence is felt by the audience. Writing social media content and promoting them. Then when you get skills you can now dive into the advanced part. which includes running ads and more.

With this job, one can earn about $43,000 annually.


Some people are very good at researching even at a tender age. If you are one of these guys who look at research then you might need to get an online research job. You require little or no skill to start. All you need is to know where to make your research and make it original.

You can become a human search engine for people who can’t make research. to start as a Researcher, sign up with Wonder. Also, there is study pool.

Study pool is similar to wonder, however, in study pool, you deal with student questions. These students might need little help with their academics.


This is obviously one of the easiest remote jobs to do with skills. you can work, learn and earn at the same time as a Transcriber.

As a transcriber, your duty is to listen to an audio recording, type out the content and have your work reviewed. with this, you can start earning as a transcriber.

To begin as a transcriber, you might want to check out these companies. They sure hire you.

Even with skills as a transcriber, you can earn as high as $35,000 per year.

Blog Editor/Proofreading Jobs

This is another that requires little or no skill or experience. Also, it is one of the most in-demand jobs out there. with the explosion of blogs, bloggers need others to read and edit their blog content before they publish it. this is where you fit in and make your cool cash just by edit or proofreading what others have already wriiten.

With this job, one can earn as cool as $36,000 per year.

Travel Consultant

For lovers of tourism and travelling.  this is where they make a buck of money even without skill. To start as a Travel consultant all you need is a niche of focus. Kindly go online and make research on travelling companies as well as travel niche where you can work. However, you can check out these companies. AAA, Carnival cruise line, BCD travel, America Express and more

As a travel consultant, you can earn up to $34,000 a year.


Here you finally have it, 5 High Pay Remote Jobs that Requires No Skills. Like I stated early, this content is not to discourage you not to gain a skill. If you start any of the jobs above as time goes you will need a skill to stay relevant to the company or else you get fired.

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