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5 Ways on How to Migrate to Canada from Nigeria

Amid the “Japa” frenzy sweeping across Nigeria, Canada seems to be one of the choicest destinations for Nigerians who want to “Japa” (migrate).

Since time immemorial, man has been migrating either in search of food or better shelter. Nigerians have been migrating, but now Canada has become the new Mecca of Nigerians.

During the Canadian census of 2016, over 51,800 migrants identified themselves as Nigerians. In 2021, over 15,000 Nigerians migrated to Canada.

This article seeks to fully explain five ways Nigerians can migrate from Nigeria to Canada but before then, this article will answer some salient questions.

Why do Nigerians migrate to Canada?

I know this is a question that you want to be answered in this article. Nigeria remains a huge source of workforce for Canada. This is due to the large landmass of Canada which is estimated to be about 9.98 million square kilometres and has a population of about 38 million people compared to Nigeria’s population of over 200 million Nigeria’s landmass of 923,763 square kilometres. Canada is accepting migrants to help spur the economic development of the country.

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Canada offers great opportunities for Nigerians who have migrated there, it is a place that has given Nigerians in every field the opportunity to earn better and this has helped in increasing the foreign remittance to Nigeria.

The Canadian unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the world as it is pegged at 5.9 per cent but that of Nigeria is over 33.3 per cent. So Canada offers an opportunity to work for most Nigerians who migrate to Canada.

From 2018-2021 over 13,000 Nigerians were given Canadian citizenship. This is just within 3 years. The acquisition of Canadian citizenship by migrants will increase in the coming years.


5 ways on How to migrate to Canada from Nigeria


Educational route

On most occasions, Nigerians who want to move to Canada from Nigeria use Express Entry. Express entry is applicable for those who have some form of technical skill, college education, and medium proficiency in English or French.

Provincial Nominee Program

The provincial nominee program is another way Nigerians can migrate from Nigeria to Canada.

Each of Canada’s 13 provinces has it migratory program which is called the provincial nominee program. Each of the 13 provinces is built differently economically, so each province has a provincial nominee program that suits its demography and economy.

The provincial nominee program is one of the fastest ways to get Canadian citizenship or an invitation to come to Canada for work.

Family Sponsorship

The country Canada places key importance on family reunification. Canada offers Canadians or residents of Canada opportunities to sponsor their family’s migration to Canada.


Canada Startup Visa Program

This program is for entrepreneurs, especially those in the tech field who have World-changing innovative ideas and want to migrate to Canada.

Canada as a country is looking for people who are ready to start up businesses in Canada that can stimulate the Canadian economy while creating jobs for residents of Canada.

Qualified candidates can come to Canada on a work permit and will be granted Canadian residency once they establish their business.


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Other Federal Economic Programs

These programs seek to offer migrants whose areas of speciality such as agriculture. Being in the agricultural field, these programs will offer you a chance of migrating to Canada and even be offered a Canadian residency.

The above five ways can be used to migrate to Canada from Nigeria by any Nigerian who wants to move to Canada.

Moving to Canada is good but there are financial expenses one has to do before moving to Canada. On average, one needs over 4 million naira that is for a single person, and over 8 million naira for couples.

The above expenses exclude the over 7 million naira that one has to show to be eligible for Canadian immigration. This fund is known as the settlement fund and it depends on family size.


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Conclusively, migration entails money but migrating to some countries entails more money. Spending money should boy deter you from migrating especially to Canada if you have the financial wherewithal, make that leap today, and you will never regret it. But while on it, make sure, you have a skill or you are going for studies.


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