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Actionable Tips For Finding Healthcare Jobs In Canada

Looking for the best tips on how to find healthcare jobs in Canada? Do you want to get a healthcare job but don’t know how to start? You don’t need to worry as I will share actionable tips for finding healthcare jobs in Canada. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Actionable Tips For Finding Healthcare Jobs In Canada

Let me walk you through 

1. Complete Your Education 

There are many jobs in healthcare in which a certain level of education will be required before you can get the job you desire. 

If you have completed your education in any medical field, you can move to step two. If you have not completed your education you can start by researching what education you need and where you can get the education. 

The caring support has a whole section of articles that is been dedicated to healthcare education that will be able to help you on your journey of education.

2. Get Organized 

Gather all the essential information when finding a healthcare job so that you can build or update your CV. This will help you access your documents easily when your employers start calling. 

By creating a Google Drive OneDrive or cloud-based folder with your certifications/diplomas/backgrounds/ checks, you can access your documents anywhere globally.

For reference purposes, keep photocopies of your important certificates or papers, so you can easily submit them when needed.

3. Do Research And Self Reflection 

While searching for a healthcare job make sure you take some time to do some research about the available jobs where they are located the companies that are hiring. This will help you narrow down your job options.

Moreover, it is time for you to put down the list of “would be nice to have”, ” non-negotiable”, and “no way” jobs/employers that you want out of the new job and the company that will give you a job. 

Ensure you carry out extensive research on the current wages allocated for the job you want. 

The following are the current wage expectations for healthcare positions in Canada. 

Job Title                                                          Canada Average Salary

Wage Dental Assistant                                   $24.00/hour

Dental Hygienist                                            $36.00/hour

Dietitian                                                          $37.00hour

Occupational Therapist                                $42.00/hour

Pharmacy Technician                                    $20.00/hour

Registered Nurses                                         $40.00/hour

Social Worker                                                 $23.00/hour

4. Check Your Social Media Privacy Settings 

Employers check various social media channels of their employees to check their potential. Check the privacy settings on all your social media accounts and make them public.

When you have pictures or other posts on your pages that are shown publicly that may be seen as distasteful or unprofessional you may want to delete them.

Ensure that the first impression you make should be a good one because it is important. 

5. Try To Create A Free Caring Support Account 

It is free for you to create an account with caring support as a healthcare worker so that you will be able to access hundreds of jobs within your area. 

On this platform, you will see 90 different role types and they add more from time to time.

6. Build Your Resume 

You can build a free resume using the filled-out profile on your free Caring Support Account.

All you have to do is fill your profile with as many details and information as possible and the resume builder will help you to generate a professional-looking resume that you can download to send to employers and bring your interview.

7. Start Your Search For Finding The Healthcare Job 

The fun part is when you are searching for a healthcare job. This is when you can start looking through the available jobs in your environment that match your skills and education level. Even if the job requirements are rigorous, don’t hesitate to click on the apply button. Scroll down the jobs and save your favorites. 

Don’t be distracted when scrolling. Set a timer for an hour and only scroll through the job listings for long. After some hours you have to take a break.  Your eyes and your brain will be needed for the next step. 

You will have to repeat the step many times as new jobs are added to the Caring Support platform daily. You can easily sign up for your email notifications for jobs that have been posted in different areas as well so you never miss a job that could turn out to be your dream healthcare job!

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8. Click On The Apply Button 

The Caring Support is created for the job search process which is always a two-way street. So you can (and should ) apply to any job that is in line with your skill, education level, and location requirements. 

You can also get contacted by healthcare organizations that are looking through their list of available candidates in their area to match their requirements to make sure you are always checking your messages and have your notifications set to “On” so that you do not miss messages from your employers.

9. You Have Got An Interview 

Firstly, have a happy dance because you deserve it. Congratulations. 

Ensure you take some time to research the company that are about to interview with. Read about the company, and what it stands for and read reviews from clients and employees. Having a thorough understanding of the company will give you an edge over other applicants.

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If you want to know the tips that will help you to easily apply for healthcare jobs in Canada follow the steps mentioned in this article.  For more Join Us On Twitter


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