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African development bank funding opportunities

There are wide varieties of opportunities made available by the African Development Bank and one of these is the bank funding opportunities.

As a young African, AFDB provides you with limitless opportunities when it comes to funding. In this post, we do be looking at some of the great opportunities you can maximize to your own advantage. In the end, you do be able to learn how to access grant and loans from the African Development Bank as well as other great opportunities such as applying for jobs and internships.


Top African development bank funding opportunities

Leadership Fellowship Programmes

There several Leadership programmes open for young Africans to participate in. These programmes are fully funded or sponsored by the African Development Bank. These are highly selective fellowship programmes that prepare the next generation of African Leaders with special work opportunities at top Africa firms or multilateral institutions.

In this form of opportunity, backrolled by the African Development Bank, African youths are prepared for an outstanding leadership career as well as given the opportunity to start practising what they have learnt in a prominent Africa working environment.

It is also important to note that the body responsible for such a Fellowship programme will take leadership guidance from the President or Vice President.


African development bank funding opportunities


African development bank funding opportunities also can be in form of a contest. You can check out the Fashionomic African Contest 2021. This is a great way the Africa development bank is empowering young fashion entrepreneurs base in Africa.

It is a contest with a challenge prize. it is run by ADB to suppose Young Africans in the Fashion business. You can win up to USD 2000 and other consultation prizes.

There are also several other contests by the African Development Bank that you can maximize to grow your business.


Agripreneur AgriPitch Competition

This is another African development bank funding opportunity, Many young African in the Agric sector can maximize. This competition in no small way connects African youths in the Agro sectors with global investors that will provide them with loans, grants equity and mentorship.

The aim of this competition is to promote innovation as well as entrepreneurship in Agriculture among African youths. Also, to generate jobs and creating wealth to improve livilhood.

African Development Bank awards successful Businesses between $10,000 to $40,000 USD in form of a Business grant.


Start-Up Challenge

African Development Bank funding opportunities also provide room for Startup businesses across the continent. ADB in 2018 launched the High 5s Start Challenge, This joint innovation focus on the bank 5 priorities.

AfDB awards up to $1000 USD to support Startup innovation as well as the opportunity to interact with the director-general of AfDF.



AfDB also gives opportunities through employments. There are lots of employment accessible to Africans to work in top-notch prominent Africa Institutions.

You can also apply for internships and graduates trainees with huge salary benefits as well as other compensation. you can start applying for job opportunities at African Development Bank (AfDB) today.

African Development Bank High 5 Priorities

To access any opportunity by the African Development Bank, You have to understand the aim of these opportunities. This will help an individual or business to scale through during the application process for any of the opportunities. Here are the 5 major priorities of African Development Bank Funding

  • Lighting Up and Powering Africa: AfDB is working tirelessly to lighten up every corner of Africa by increasing energy production. Therefore, Making power accessible, affordable, reliable and efficient.
  • Feed Africa: They are working on this goal by promoting and investing in agricultural operations across the continent.
  • ¬†Industrialize Africa: AfDB has invested over US $3.5 Billion yearly over a decade now to implement six flagship industrial programmes.
  • Integrate Africa: The goal is to make ease of movement of goods and products. AfDB is also focusing on integrating the continent to make the mobility of people as well as investment easy.
  • Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa: The bank is committed to seeing the African economic realize its full potentials by building up technical skills.


African development bank funding opportunities are for every African ready to partner with the AfDB in reaching the High 5s goals. Therefore, I encourage you to seek African Development findings for your business growth today.


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