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Birth Tourism – Countries you can give birth and gain their passports

People can relocate abroad in a variety of ways. Today, we will hunt for something other than the usual means of studies, career chances, tourism, and visits.

Marriage is another option. If you marry someone who is a citizen of another nation, you may be able to obtain citizenship and relocate to that country.

Another is in the process of giving birth. If you are pregnant, you may be able to give birth in another nation and therefore gain citizenship.

Our main focus today is on birth tourism and how to obtain citizenship.

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What exactly is birth tourism?


Birth tourism entails travelling to a different nation solely for the purpose of giving birth there.

Non-residents of one country travel to another to give birth in the new country.
The primary purpose of birth tourism is to get citizenship for the child in a country that recognizes birthright citizenship.

If their citizenship is meant to help their parents seek permanent residency in the country, such a child is frequently referred to as an “anchor baby.” Other motives for birth tourism include access to public education, healthcare, future sponsorship for parents, and even circumvention of China’s two-child policy.

The United States and Canada are popular vacation locations. Another location for birth tourism is Hong Kong, where some mainland Chinese nationals travel to give birth in order to secure the right of abode for their children.
This is referred to as the jus soli phenomena.

This means that your child can gain citizenship in the country of his or her birth. That is, when your child is born in some nation under the “jus soli” (Birth by Soil) law, that child becomes a citizen, and you as a parent receive permanent citizenship in such country.


Birth tourism to-do list

To obtain birthright citizenship through birth tourism, you must create a to-do list. As a to-do list, you’ll need the following: Alternatively, things you should do for your birth tourism.

  • Maintain all necessary paperwork for obtaining a visa.
  • You must arrange insurance for the duration of your visit. Your travel and medical insurance should be in order.
  • Accommodation and logistics must also be arranged.
  • You should conduct research on hospitals and clinics where you can give birth, as well as the delivery practices used there.
  • You must prepare your baby’s paperwork.
  • In an emergency, you must seek local assistance.
  • You must plan for the expenditures and travel paperwork that you will require when your newborn baby arrives and you need to return home securely.
  • Plan for additional travel time in case of medical issues or immunizations.
  • You must be able to afford the estimated cost. That is, before returning to your nation, pay your bills. Otherwise, your child may inherit the debts.

You can also hire agents to assist you in finding hospitals, organizing birth papers, and obtaining documents.


10 countries you can give birth and gain their passports

More than 20 countries, primarily in the Caribbean and South America, permit birth tourism. There are also individuals at the top of the ladder, and people are taking advantage of the chances that are available right now.
When it comes to birth tourism, Mexico and Brazil will be at the top of many lists. Here is a list of countries, their costs, and their advantages.


You need to have between $5000 and $10,000 to fly to Brazil. You will receive world-class, high-quality medical care. The child is granted the right and advantages of citizenship immediately, and the parent is granted permanent residence.


This country, like Brazil, is high on the list of countries suffering from birth tourism, and you can go without a visa. Despite the fact that the country’s GDP is dropping, Mexico has one of the top 25 passports in the world.
In Mexico, giving birth will cost between $6000 and $7000.


The average cost in Canada ranges from $8, 000 and $12, 000. Canada currently has one of the toughest passports in the world. The child was granted citizenship and gained employment chances. You will never have to worry about the child losing status if he or she votes or runs for political office. The child may also file on behalf of the parent. You will not be required to renew your immigration documents.


Jamaica is highly expensive, and you’ll need at least $30,000 to visit. You also get all of the benefits.

Puerto Rico

A Commonwealth member country. The child is also considered a US citizen. The country has a relationship with Spain, which allows your youngster to travel to the EU. In addition to being a Puerto Rican citizen, the child may also be a Spanish or an American citizen.

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Like Brazil, will cost you between $5000 and $6000. You do receive a free Visa to travel throughout South and Central America. They provide inexpensive world-class medical treatment and world-class facilities.
Other countries offer the same services that I have specified above for the aforementioned countries. As previously said, the majority of them are Caribbean and South American countries. The following is a list of

  • Belize
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Costa Rica’s
  • Dominica
  • Fiji
  • Ecuador
  • Grenada
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Paraguay
  • St. Lucia

The Benefits of Obtaining Birthright Citizenship

  • Educational costs can be cheap, and in some nations, education is free for citizens.
  • Equal rights and advantages as other country citizens
  • A dual citizen has advantages such as the opportunity to work and live in two countries.


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  • You are bound by two sets of laws.
  • Taxation twice



Birth tourism is not something you undertake on the spur of the moment; it is not a last-minute decision. You must think, save money, and make bookings.

This is not something you should do on the spur of the moment.
There are companies that can assist you with this. It may be worthwhile to obtain a Schengen visa or a US visa that will allow you to enter the countries listed.

It’s simpler that way. So begin your trip right now. Birth tourism is becoming more popular as a means of improving one’s life while simultaneously gaining access to another citizenship.

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