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List of Companies in Canada that Sponsor Visas

Companies in Canada collaborate with nomination schemes to employ foreigners abroad. Furthermore, these companies not only hire; they may also sponsor your visa as a foreigner to come work in Canada.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of immigrants. Immigrants from all over the world make up more than a quarter of Canada’s employment. All of this is feasible because Canadian firms devised a number of solutions to allow them to hire competent people from other countries to compensate for a lack of qualified and skilled individuals living and working in Canada.
Before we list the Canadian companies that sponsor visas for foreigners, let’s look at a list of occupations that are more likely to receive this sponsorship visa.

  • HR personnel for farmers
  • Personnel who provide care
  • Drivers of trucks
  • IT professional
  • Operators of machines
  • Account and Finance Specialist
  • Administrative personnel, marketing personnel, and customer service personnel
  • Engineers


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List of Companies in Canada that Sponsor Visas

Among the companies are:

Google Canada Inc.

Google Canada is based in Toronto and has a diverse multinational staff. Engineering and technology, sales, legal, and design are just a handful of the industries with available chances. Google is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, national origin, disability, or gender. If you have a lot of expertise and can communicate fluently in English or French, your chances of getting hired at this multinational corporation’s Canadian branch are substantially better. There are several sponsorship roles available at Google in Canada.

Canada PWC

PWC Canada is one of the world’s leading professional services networks. They are proud to have a 110-year track record of supporting the growth of Canadian organizations. PwC provides industry-focused services to both public and private clients. Furthermore, their associates and employees are scattered across the country and use their skills to provide high-quality services and commodities that help to solve critical challenges.
The following are the services provided by the company:

  • Consultation on Assurance and Audit
  • Data analytics and risk management Tax

Agrifresh, Inc.

planting, harvesting, creating and providing nutritious and exceptional food goods and services in accordance with the highest international health standards
Agrifresh produce specialists operate in a key geographic corridor, ensuring on-time delivery of fresh agriculture items. They are trained in consistent product hauling and safe handling practices.


Financial firms are another location to look for sponsorship employment in Canada. KPMG is a Vancouver-based Canadian auditing and tax consulting organization. They provide positions in the financial industry not just to experienced professionals and executives, but also to students in training. They market themselves as welcoming, with diversity and equity at the forefront of their employment policies.
Their diversified workforce reflects the variety of their customers and the industries in which they operate. Their multicultural workforce exemplifies these values.

The Mobsquad

MobSquad makes it simple for US corporations to establish a virtual subsidiary in Canada. They provide firms with the option of creating a team of highly trained technology workers nearshore in Canada or retaining existing technology staff despite the constraints associated with US work visas. They hire highly competent foreign technology personnel from US firms who have been denied work visas in the United States and move them to Canada. MobSquad manages the continuous administrative procedures for having talent in Canada.


P & H agriculture

P&H, a Canadian family-owned company with over 100 years of agricultural experience, is one of the major Canadian companies that sponsor foreign labour.
Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited assists Canadian farmers and food manufacturers in selling their crops and baked goods in both domestic and international markets.
Because agriculture is such a huge sector in Canada, farming corporations like P&H seek to engage foreign workers to fill labour shortages and ensure food availability at all times. While farming is considered menial labour, previous experience and being younger will benefit your application.

Enbridge, Inc.

Enbridge connects millions of people around the world to the energy they need every day, enhancing their quality of life. They look ahead to invest in and construct modern infrastructure, resilient communities, and reliable energy.
Through their four key businesses, Enbridge operates across North America and beyond, powering industry, empowering society, and safely delivering reliable, affordable energy sources.

  • Pipelines for liquids
  • Pipelines for natural gas
  • Distribution and storage of natural gas
  • Energy from renewable sources

Elastic Path

This is the final company on this list of Canadian businesses that use foreign workers. Elastic Path is a headless commerce system that connects template-less eCommerce with Enterprise Resource Planning via middleware. The API-based solution is aimed mostly at enterprise-level enterprises. This Vancouver-based company is hiring for positions in business development, human resources, marketing and product development, sales, and other areas.


Scotia Bank

The Bank of Nova Scotia, also known as Scotiabank, is a worldwide banking and financial services corporation based in Toronto, Ontario. It is one of Canada’s Big Five banks, as well as the country’s third largest bank in terms of deposits and market capitalization.
If you want to broaden your financial knowledge, apply for finance and accounting job openings. Learn about commercial banking so you can assist your clients in growing their businesses.
Scotiabank takes pride in its employees’ daring ideas, professional development, and mutual respect. Their collaborative work environment makes it a welcoming place for foreign workers. They are always on the hunt for new team members.


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Here you have the List of Companies in Canada that Sponsor Visas. you can start applying for jobs in these companies.

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