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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Graduate Trainee

For a fresh graduate, it might be difficult to write a cover letter for a graduate trainee job. This is usually because you have no idea of what to write.

You are usually in between the thing line of confusion if to write about you or about what the company expect from you. Well, The good news is, worry not. You can take a good read to understand how to write a cover letter for graduate jobs here.

In this post, we do expatiate on our previous post on how to write a graduate job cover letter. You should expect new tips and great insight.

It is important to note that your cover letter is additional information to your application. You already have a resume for brief information about yourself. This is the reason why some companies do not border asking for your cover letter, especially for a graduate trainee position. Notwithstanding, A cover letter is as important as your CV. it gives you the chance to demonstrate how well you are qualified for the job.


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What should you include in your Cover Letter?

To start with, You should understand that for a graduate trainee position, A cover letter should not exceed one page with four to five paragraphs.

It is essential to include the name of the person you are addressing. in most cases, the hiring team lead of the company. if position avoids “Dear Sir/Ma” When you already know their names.

Next, Specify why you are writing. you can start with “In response to your job advertisement” state the job title, reference number if any then where you saw the advert.

Then you have to briefly state your reason for choosing to work with them instead of other companies. Also, give valuable reasons why you think you are best for the position you are applying for. Ensure that whatever unique selling point you are using on your cover letter must also appear on your CV. Ensure to be specific. like I said early it is just a one-page letter. cut off irrelevant stories.

Carrying out your research about the company is very important before you start writing. It is in your research you will discover who to address the letter to. Also, it is through your research that you do get your key facts about the company which in turn help you in writing.

End the body of your letter by giving details of your availability for an interview. Finish with a keen but professional sign-off.



Your name and address

On the right top corner of the letter is where you should write your contact details. which will include your name, address, phone, email as well as telephone number.

The recipient’s name and address

This is usually left-justified That is at the left top corner, your address.

The date

Leave one line space below the recipient’s address, then put the date you are writing the letter.

The greeting

Always start ‘Dear’ followed by the person’s title (Mr, Ms, Dr etc) and surname, eg ‘Dear Mr Smith’.


Signing off

Ensure you end the letter with ‘Yours sincerely’. Leave a space for your signature, then type your name.

Yours sincerely’ is traditionally used when you don’t know the name of the person you are writing to, but is becoming less common.


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