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Cover Letter for Undergraduate Internship – Writing Tips and Benefits

Understanding the best Cover letter for undergraduate internship writing tips and its importance to the internship will help you secure an internship.

Have you ever been at that stage where you kept applying for internships but never got called back?. How about submitting a very good resume with a cover letter attached but still nothing?. Well, you might think the company’s probably being bias but on the contrary, they aren’t. So what then could be the issue? the content and structure of your cover letter!

A cover letter is a document that has the ability to magnet your potential employer’s attention to you. Cover letters do the work of giving a brief and captivating introduction about you. They are usually attached to your resume or cv.


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Cover letters are very vital in securing undergraduate internships however they can only be helpful when well drafted. It is very wrong to pay more attention to a resume than to a cover letter when writing.  The reason is, no employer is ready to look into a resume when the cover letter itself isn’t interesting.

The actual reason you’ve probably been getting rejected for internships is due to the inadequacies of your cover letter. So here are a few guides on writing an excellent cover letter for an undergraduate internship:


Cover letter for undergraduate internship Writing Tips and Benefits


Be Specific

When writing a cover letter for an internship, ensure you’re specific. Don’t beat around the bush or make the mistake of including things that aren’t necessary. Being specific and concise shows professionalism. Let see samples of a Specific Cover letter.


Take a moment and compare these two samples :

Hi, I’m David Jackson. I am a digital photographer and video maker. I have 4 years of experience in photography and 3 years of experience in video making. I’m applying for this job because I believe I’m the best fit for it with the required experience levels.

Hope to hear from you!



cover letter sample

Hi, I’m David Jackson, I came across this job while working on a project. I am a photographer and I make good videos too. I have been doing this for a number of years now and I would like to apply for this job.

Hope to hear from you!




So which of these would you likely go for? (Kindly tell us your reason in the comment box).


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List your relevant education and field study

It is important that your employer knows you are educated and much better if it is that same field you’re applying for. So always input your education and the learning you’ve undergone in your field of interest.


List relevant skills and abilities

Do not make the mistake of trying to wow your interviewer and then list skills not related to your application. Ensure to list relevant skills, the ones needed for that internship. The skills that would fit into that open vacancy.


Pitch yourself

This should have a whole paragraph to itself because your acceptance depends on it. For you to successfully get an internship, you must master the skill of self-pitching. Now, this doesn’t say lie about yourself. It just means highlight your strengths, abilities, potentials and skills. Pitching yourself entails talking about your expertise and experience level in an appealing manner.


Explain your role

In this paragraph, tell the company (not in a threatening manner) what they stand to lose not employing you. This requires a little show of copywriting skills. Give the company reasons to employ you as their intern out of 100 applicants.


Use Keywords

Most resumes and cover letters are screened by a bot that lookout for specific keywords. So it is advisable that you input these words in your cover letter and resume. Keywords would help your resume pass the ATS check.

Finally, getting that undergraduate internship is the main aim and it is very possible with the right cover letter for it. You are just an excellent cover letter away from getting that internship!




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