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Top 10 Places to visit in Egypt

Here are Places to visit in Egypt. Egypt, the ancient Pharaohs’ home, is a location full of beautiful structures and tombs that awe visitors.

There are lots of things to do in Egypt for all types of travellers, including 4WD experiences in the desert, diving in the Red Sea’s world-class coral reefs and wrecks, and cruises on the legendary Nile River. Beachgoers flock to Sinai or the Red Sea Coast to soak in the rays, while archaeological buffs flock to Luxor.

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With so much to see and do, Egypt allows travellers to plan trips that mix culture, adventure, and relaxation all in one.

Plan your trip with our list of Egypt’s greatest attractions and places to see. Here are the top Places to visit in Egypt;


Top 10 Places to visit in Egypt



Hurghada is a Red Sea vacation town that may be accessed after a six-hour difficult bus ride from Cairo. It is presently one of Egypt’s most popular tourist spots, offering a more popular alternative to Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab.

But that’s understandable given that Hurghada, with its beautiful beaches and warm waters, has a lot to offer. This area of the Red Sea is well-known for its great scuba diving prospects, with beautiful colourful coral reefs just offshore.

Hurghada is immensely popular with Eastern Europeans, particularly Russians, who visit in hundreds of thousands each year.



Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city and premier seaport, enjoys a great location on the Mediterranean’s edge. Alexander the Great founded the city in 331 BC, and it was once called the world’s crossroads. Several Egyptian pharaohs, including Cleopatra, ruled from Alexandria until the country was conquered by Rome in 30 BC. During Roman domination, the city became known as a centre for the arts and literature.

Many of Alexandria’s most notable ancient structures, including a library with over 500,000 books, were destroyed in the 14th century by terrible earthquakes.

The Alexandria National Museum features exhibits from Alexandria’s extensive history.

Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis, located near Egypt’s western border, was culturally isolated from the rest of the country until the late nineteenth century.

The famed Temple of the Oracle of Amun, believed to have been built in the sixth or seventh centuries B.C., turned the oasis into a pilgrimage site.

Siwa Oasis is becoming a more popular tourist attraction.

  • Sharm el-Sheikh [MAP]
  • Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt
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Sharm el Sheikh, located near the point of the Sinai Peninsula, is one of Egypt’s most popular vacation cities.

Sharm el Sheikh, often known as the City of Peace because of the numerous international peace talks held here, is one of the top scuba diving destinations in the world.


This dusty capital metropolis, home to more than 17 million people, is one of the most expansive cities on the planet. Cairo is a medieval Islamic metropolis built on the banks of the Nile River, with a perennially foggy horizon and beige-coloured buildings topped with TV satellites.

Modern Cairo, built near the ancient capital city of Memphis, is a popular starting place for Nile cruises and investigations of the Pyramids of Giza, which are just outside the municipal boundaries.

Visitors to the world-renowned Egyptian Museum of Tahrir Square can receive a close-up view of Tutankhamun’s treasure, as well as mummies and other relics from Egypt’s ancient history.

The city’s most historic mosques are well worth seeing.

The Ibn Tulun Mosque is Cairo’s oldest mosque, dating back to the 9th century when the Fatimids made the city their headquarters.

When you’ve had your fill of Cairo’s ancient sites, immerse yourself in daily life to get a true experience of Egypt.

Embrace the crowds while shopping in one of the city’s hectic markets, such as the Khan al-Khalili bazaar, smoke shisha with the locals at a local Ahwaz, or escape the heat of the inner city totally with a breezy felucca journey down the Nile aboard a classic Egyptian sailing boat.



Luxor, Egypt’s mid-sized city, is today recognized as the “world’s largest open-air museum” and is one of the country’s most famous tourist destinations. The city has a lot to offer, from temples to tombs and all in between.

The majority of Luxor’s attractions are on either the East or West Banks of the Nile.

The West Bank of the Nile features the white-washed beauty of the Valley of the Kings, which is home to many ornate and colourfully-muraled tombs, pits, and burial chambers.


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Abu Simbel

This is Ramses II’s huge temple, with colossal statues guarding the entrance and an interior lavishly decorated with wall murals.

Abu Simbel is not only famed for its megalithic proportions, but also for the astounding engineering accomplishment performed by UNESCO in the 1960s, which saw the entire temple shift from its original location to prevent it from being submerged under the increasing water of the Aswan dam.

Exploring Abu Simbel now is as much about applauding the international effort to save the temple complex as it is about staring in astonishment at Ramses II’s awe-inspiring building works.

Sinai Peninsula’s South 

The Sinai Peninsula’s South Sinai region in Egypt has a beach for every type of traveller.

Sharm el-Sheikh is a European-style resort town with a plethora of luxury hotels, foreign restaurants, and entertainment options galore.

Dahab is a low-key beach town with a backpacker heart that is as much about desert treks and adventures as it is about the sea.

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White Desert National Park

White Desert National Park, located in the Western Desert, immediately south of Bahariya Oasis, is Egypt’s strangest natural wonder.

This breathtaking landscape looks like something out of a science fiction film and is a popular location for 4WD desert treks and overnight camping, both of which can be easily organized in Bahariya Oasis.

This is the ultimate strange playground for desert aficionados and adventurers, while anyone who’s had their fill of temples and tombs will enjoy the stunning natural surroundings.


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Saqqara, a day excursion from Cairo, is a massive necropolis of tombs and pyramids that were used during every era of pharaonic authority.

It is well renowned for its Old Kingdom Step Pyramid, which demonstrates how Ancient Egyptian architects expanded their engineering expertise to finally create a real pyramid design.

The nearby Dahshur pyramid complex is home to the Red Pyramid and the Bent Pyramid, which should be included on every Saqqara visit.


Egypt’s Red Sea coastline

Egypt’s Red Sea coastline has expanses of sand for visitors who wish to take a break from temple-seeing.
The great advantage of picking a resort on the Red Sea coast over one on the Sinai Peninsula is that you can easily visit Luxor on a day trip, thus this is the best area to visit for beach life if you still want to see some of Egypt’s most famous sites.
Hurghada and El Gouna are the two main tourist towns, with Marsa Alam, a tiny and still developing town, much further south.


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