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What Do Employers Look For On Your Linkedin Profile

You often want to know what exactly employers look for on Your LinkedIn Profile. You have heard stories of people getting a job through LinkedIn and you really want to know-how.

Well, You have come to the right place. One thing for Sure is that Recruiters will always go through your LinkedIn Profile before the decision to call you up for an interview. If you are yet to land a job or get an interview through LinkedIn, You might want to consider reading through this article carefully.


The Labour market is very competitive, therefore it is essential to make yourself known to employers. The easiest way to get known by employers is to update and optimize your social media profile continuously. However, One very important Platform to consider is your LinkedIn.

Continuously Updating and Optimize your LinkedIn Profile will enable recruiters to find you easily.

Why most people haven’t secured any job through LinkedIn is simply because they believe that maintaining a LinkedIn Profile ends in just providing Profile information and uploading a resume. These are just basic steps that count as a minimum standard.


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You have to think along the line of what can an employer see on my profile and call me up for a job. Adding extra jest to your profile and uploading different media would make you stand out. it will make your profile not only rank but more attractive and appealing.

An extensive LinkedIn profile makes it easy for employers to find you as well as contacting recruiters without them ignoring you.


To get to this status and to attract employers to your LinkedIn profile. There are several things you’ll need to make sure your profile has and these are;

What Do Employers Look For On Your Linkedin Profile

What Do Employers Look For On Your Linkedin Profile?


  1. Completeness
  2. A professional headshot
  3. Describe Your Accomplished
  4. Detailed descriptions of your education
  5. A compelling headline


Completing your profile is very essential and better your odds of getting found by recruiters. So ensure to complete your LinkedIn Profile from the onset.

Also, Completing your profile will help the recruiter find you and click on your profile base on the details they found. Recruiter wants to know how much you know, where you have worked and what people think of you. It is important not to laze out or skip these steps. One good thing about LinkedIn is that it measures your completeness. it shows you if your profile is complete or not and the necessary stages to complete it.

A professional headshot

Your Profile Picture can draw the attention of recruiters. But it all depends on the level of professionalism. Ensure to upload a professional picture. Don’t just upload any picture as your profile picture is important.

Your picture should be professional enough to attract recruiters. while taking pictures for LinkedIn profile ensure to look relaxed and approachable. Make sure you smile, it creates an inviting presence. Also, dress smartly whether full or a headshot, ensure you dress smartly.




Describe Your Accomplished

Identify your key professional accomplishments and infuse them into the narrative on your profile. If you have led a team in achieving a target. Ensure you put that down, describe how you were able to lead such a team to exceed target revenue.

Also, avoid buzzwords when describing your accomplishment, they might seem counterintuitive but can harm you and turn off recruiters interest. instead of buzzwords, use words that clearly show how you were able to accomplish a thing. Use Achievement words when working on your LinkedIn Profile.


Detailed descriptions of your education

Details about your education are essential and an integral part of building your LinkedIn Profile. For fresh graduates, this is vital part recruiters look for.

Your education details should include; Any honours or awards you received as well as extracurricular activities and relevant modules.




A compelling headline

The maximum allocated character is 120. it is advisable you use it wisely. ensure your headline is compelling enough to attract the recruiter.


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