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10 Free Scholarships to study Abroad for Undergraduate

10 Free Scholarships to study Abroad for undergraduates, See the free scholarships that will enable you to start and finish your graduate and undergraduate courses Abroad.

The steps required to get a free scholarship to study abroad can be stressful but here are some vital steps that can help guide you on this journey.


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  1. Research! This is a vital step that needs your time and attention to get you started on your quest to get a free scholarship to study abroad for undergraduate students and others.
  2. Ask for help from people who are around you that have knowledge about this and also if you have little money on you and want to make things go fast, why not walk into a registered agent’s office to discuss this with them.
  3. Contact the scholarship/grant founder directly. Basically, at this point, you must have gotten some schools that offer free scholarships for the courses of your choice and gotten direct links to apply for them. You can call them directly from there to help with the process and to also know the requirements.
  4. Apply! This is a major step in your process of getting the dream-free scholarship grant from the founder of your dreams. Don’t apply to one school and relax because each year many students apply to that same school. Apply to as many schools as you can.
  5. Take your time and also be serious about the application and follow the steps required diligently. Because this will require a lot of patience and time.
  6. Have a grade that attracts what you are looking for. Most Easily getting a free scholarship to study abroad comes with high grades are the requirements involving good grades in your high school. Nevertheless notwithstanding the fact that average grades get free scholarships but mostly higher grades count more.


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There are countries to look out for when searching online for free scholarships to study abroad that have more fully funded scholarships. For example, we have Germany. Germany is one of the countries that take or admit students from all over the world. It also has large scholarship funds that provide scholarships that cover living expenses. And many other countries.


Looking for a free scholarship to study abroad? Here are some that you can check for while in the process to see if you have a chance with them.


10 Free Scholarships to study Abroad for Undergraduate


University of Tokyo Global Science Course Scholarship for transfer students, Japan.

The good news is students who are accepted into this course automatically qualify for the scholarship program.  The school grants such students up to 150,000 Japanese Yen to the students every month for two years to cover tuition and living expenses.


Commonwealth Scholarship

Commonwealth Scholarship is a great one that invites students from all over the world to study in Europe.


Shanghai University International Students Scholarship

Shanghai University International Students Scholarship which is “fully funded”. china. This takes place annually search online to read more about them. Actually, master’s and doctorate degrees are fully funded covering tuition, accommodations, accident insurance and living expenses. While undergraduate students get tuition and accident insurance only.


Monash University in Malaysia offers scholarships

Monash University in Malaysia offers scholarships for undergraduate students. They give scholarships for all undergraduate courses except Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Pharmacy.


World Citizen Talent Scholarship for International Students, Netherlands.

Every year this scholarship awards worth 5000 EUR to students who gain admissions based on the scholarship.


Monash University Australia full International Merit Scholarships

Monash University Australia offers up to 31 full scholarships to international students who gain admission into the university under the scholarship program. They have 6 different rounds for application for the scholarship program. Which takes place every 15th of the following months October to May. For all countries.


Melbourne Undergraduate Scholarship

University of Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship. This also comes up annually search for the courses they have and see if you find what you want then go for it.


Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship for Undergraduates, Masters and PhD.

This scholarship is for students inside and outside Germany.


Danish Government Cultural Agreement Scholarship for International Students.

This scholarship takes place annually. And it helps or creates an atmosphere where diverse cultures come together to learn together. Basically, it promotes peace and unity.


Now you have it, Top 10 Free Scholarships to study Abroad for Undergraduate. You can search properly for each school mentioned above, read about them, study the time they accept students and read more about the scholarships they offer and courses they give scholarships for. With this, I am sure you will have a great start.


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