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Graduates from tertiary institutions who seek internship and/or graduate job offers for the Glo graduate recruitment program are hereby notified that the application is ongoing for the available positions for graduate entry level.

Details and all necessary information about the application process have been published in this article.

You will find all available or upcoming job positions by course of study, requirements for application and the application link.

Application procedures are usually done online and prospective candidates are to submit their application through their official email: careers@gloworld.com.

Save all the documents appropriately and label each document accordingly.



About the Company

Nigerian-owned Glaucoma launched in the year 2003 is the first and only telecommunication company owned by a Nigerian, intending to improve and promote local content, globacomm has competitively advanced in quality of services being provided for over 25 million subscribers, with coverage all over west African countries including republic of Benin, Ghana, Senegal, ivory coast.

Globacom has over the years given preference to qualified Nigerian nationals who seek job opportunities.

Glaucoma in her social responsibility has trained many graduates in various business, managerial and IT disciplines in the telecommunication sector through her graduate trainee program, Globacom has executed a series of socio-economic programs for the host community.

Every year applications are submitted for available job positions online by interested persons. Furthermore, to be considered for a graduate position certain requirements and qualifications must be met which are all contained in this article.


Job Summary

Glaucoma, one of the major telecommunication industries in west Africa offer opportunities for various applicants from different disciplines ranging from social jobs, customer care, psychology, law, engineering, finance, management, logistics, procurement services, human resource, and so on.

Depending on the position that is being advertised, globacomm jobs are listed according to their job functions and summaries to further help applicants channel their application towards their specialization and disciplines.

On that note, there are no two jobs with the same job functions and responsibilities. hence, take note of the following tips we have provided below to guide you in understanding how a position is related to your discipline.


Glo Graduate recruitment Application Tips

  1. Ensure to read all the details about the job being advertised
  2. Read the minimum academic qualification, some jobs require a bachelor’s degree whereas others require a master’s and doctorate.
  3. Write your cv and cover letter to optimize the specific position being applied for.
  4. Proofread your application to avoid typos and grammatical errors that may occur.
  5. Scan a clear copy of your certificates and necessary documents as required
  6. Label or name each document accordingly in a short simple phrase.
  7. All applications must be submitted to their career email: careers@gloworld.com.

graduate job tips


Glo Recruitment Job Location

Based on their current business need and project demand location for some jobs may vary over time, whether local jobs or international jobs candidates are asked to apply for vacancies closest to them.

All countries where Globacomm operates should have vacancies for only local communities and indigenes and some foreign jobs, especially for expertise.




Minimum Academic Qualification:

This parameter is one of the most important to ever consider when applying for not only Globacomm vacancies but other job positions you find interest in.

Bachelor or HND in any discipline may be applicable in certain positions within the company which is usually the case.

Also take cognizance of the selected disciplines as a tech guy you should apply for tech-related positions within Globacomm and not management-related disciplines, so you could stand a chance with other applicants.


Salary and Benefit:

Most often when job adverts from various companies are published the salary is usually confidential however only a few publish the amount they are willing to pay the successful candidates.

Due to the method of application for Globacomm jobs, the salary structure is not known during the time of application.

Our research has shown the salary range of different level workers at Globacomm, check them below. This should give you an insight into the salary range and not the exact amount you might be paid when you eventually find yourself at Globacomm

If you aspire to work for Globacomm company in Nigeria, take a sneak peek at the salary range you should be expecting from the company.

  1. Customer care representative: N56,000 – N110,000
  2. Sales Executive: N100,000 – N150, 000
  3. Area sales manager: N 380, 000 – 500, 000
  4. Legal Officer/Specialist: N280,000 – N300,000
  5. BSS Engineer: N125,000 – N150,000
  6. HR Specialist/Executive: N208,000 – N229,000
  7. Regional Sales Manager: N700,000 – N890, 000

Glo Recruitment Application Deadline

varies from the time application start a month time give or take however, it is always not specified in the publication.

Application link: Career@gloworld.com


Glo Graduate Recruitment Requirement

Application is strictly done online hence you don’t need any agent or any recruiter who tells you to pay a certain amount for the application. You can apply it all by yourself. Glo doesn’t contract any individual or group of individuals to recruit for them.

Below are the requirements to work with Glo Nigeria

  1. Academic qualifications
  2. The current age of work is between 18 years to 435 years
  3. Good written and verbal communication skills
  4. IT proficiency is a must, especially for positions relating to the tech field
  5. Resume, CV and cover letter are applicable in the application.

How To Apply for Glo Graduate Recruitment

Follow the following steps to apply.

  1. Visit the Glo recruitment page on gloworld.com
  2. Select register to create an account
  3. Fill in your name and email address as required in the fields
  4. Visit your name and address to confirm your email
  5. After email confirmation, go to the career page again with the above details and submit your credentials

Interested and qualified persons who wish to apply for an opportunity at Glo Telecommunication Company should submit a CV by mail to careers@gloworld.com and attach your cover letter and application letter.

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