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Top 7 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs 2021

A lot of graduates ask these questions “What are the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs?” Or “which are the highest pay engineering Jobs?”. whichever the question is twisted we are going to give you a real answer today. We have carried out our research as well as analysis. We did a survey to be certain that what you are about to read contains facts.

Here is our answer and conclusion to the question “What are the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs?” You will get to know some of the best engineering jobs that pay well. In case you want to apply for a degree or looking for a curse to study in the engineering sector, this could be an insight. However, we don’t advise you to apply for a course because its job pays well. You should focus on studying what you have passion and interest for. The money will always come. and besides, as the day goes, things change. that low paying job of today can be a high paying job tomorrow. it’s all about seasons and times.


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That been said, let’s look at our top 7 highest paying jobs for 2021

Highest Paying Engineering Jobs 2021

Big Data Engineering

Big Data Engineerings earn about USD 90,000 yearly and as a Senior Engineer, you can earn about USD 158,000 a year.

Responsibilities: A Big Data Engineer is responsible for the designing of a system that will ensure an organisation can make good use of their data. They focus on creating solutions that can make others easily comprehend unstructured information. They also ensure that data is used to provide great insight as well as drive business towards better decision making.

Petroleum Engineering

With an average salary of USD 75,403 per year

Responsibilities: Plan and develop a strategy on how to mine oil and gas from the well. keep records of the amount of oil drilled. Ensure to create tools to streamline the drilling process which will enable them to drill more.

Electrical Engineering

For Entry-level Electrical Engineering, the average salary in a year is USD 54, 000 while experience in Electrical Engineering goes home with a national average salary of USD93, 000

Responsibility: Electrical Engineering duties consist of the design, testing as well as supervising the manufacturing of electrical equipment. They also consist the designing of electronic schematics for commercial and consumer purposes.

Computer Engineering

With an average national salary of USD 52, 755 per year.

Responsibility: Designing and developing computer systems and components such as the processor, Motherboard, Ram etc. An excellent job for employees with analytic problem solving skills and also interested in physics and mathematics.

Nuclear Engineer

An average salary of USD 89,823

Responsibility: Designing and developing tools that will make it efficient and safe. They ensure the safety of reactors within their area of operation as well as waste disposal. In Medicine, nuclear engineering applications can be used for the treatment of illnesses such as cancer. They also create powerful procedures to power ships as well as powerplants.

Aeronautical engineer

The Average Salary is USD 104, 675

Responsibility: They design, build and develop the components of aircraft, spacecraft as well as satellites. They also develop systems that ensure an aircraft is safe on air. conduct researches on how to increase the efficiency of fuel as well as improve its impact on the environment.

Chemical Engineering

An Average National Salary of USD 80,628

Responsibility: Their duties consist of working on a variety of products and ensure food processing techniques meet guidelines.  They ensure the production of fertilizers for the fast growth of farm plants.


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Wrap Up

Here you have it, The Top 7 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs 2021. You can start now to see which one will favour you. Also, there are several high paying engineering jobs not listed yet. kindly check for an update on this article.

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