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How to Apply and Land Jobs Abroad.

Applying for jobs abroad can be hectic. You can give up easily if you don’t know the trick to applying when seeking overseas jobs.

Working abroad allows you to broaden your skills and gain experience in a new cultural setting. The practical knowledge you gain will allow you to improve your professional and personal life.

In this article, I will walk you step-by-step through how I landed my first job in Canada while still in Nigeria.

You will learn how to successfully land a job in another country and provide tips and other considerations for working abroad. I have used these steps and also recommended them to others, and the outcome was successful.


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Here are some tricks that you should consider when you are seeking jobs abroad.


How to Apply for Jobs Abroad


Determine the kind of job you want to do.

 Landing a job starts with the mind. Make up your mind about what type of job you can do based on the experience and skills you have acquired. Also, ensure you determine the industry you want to work in. This will help you very much. It is the first step you should consider. It is a deciding moment. Overall, make sure that the job you choose is one that you can perform flawlessly and without complaint.



Decide which country you want to work in.

There are countries that have job openings for qualified international applicants. Once you’ve decided on the type of job you want, look for a country where you’d like to live that allows you to do so.


Create your CV/resume.

Before applying for any job, make sure you have thoroughly worked on your resume. This is your gateway. It is from your CV that the recruiter will decide if to invite you or not. Make every effort to tailor your resume.


For your resume, below are hacks you should consider.

  • ATS Score: Your ATS score must be above 80% if you want to land a job abroad. It is important to have an ATS score above 80%. To know your resume ATS score you can visit Jobscan.co


  • Keywords: When working on your resume or CV, make sure to add keywords that are peculiar to your jobs and skills. Use those keywords that are often used in your field.


  • Simplicity: Ensure you keep your CV as simple as possible. Avoid vulgar and voluminous words.


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Skills and Certifications

Now, it is paramount that you know that skills are very key when it comes to landing a job abroad. You must have something of value to offer. Your skills are what differentiate you when you get the chance for an interview. Recruiters will want to know what you can offer.

The same goes for certifications. Acquire as much as possible that is related to the job you are looking for. When it comes to applying for jobs abroad, you should know that certifications are ranked higher than your academic qualifications. As a result, make sure your certifications are listed on your CV/resume.


Work Experience

Internships and voluntary jobs really matter when adding to your work experience. Most foreign recruiters, particularly in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, look out for internships and voluntary jobs. If you have one, ensure you add it to your CV/resume.


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Change Location on LinkedIn

When applying for jobs abroad, you do well to change your location on LinkedIn. Changing location means you get to see search results for the country. For instance, when I started applying for jobs abroad, I had to change my LinkedIn location to Canada. When I search for job openings in Canada, I get to see only jobs in Canada. However, if you refuse to change the location, the search engine will only return jobs in your locality.

Well, there you have it. How to Apply and Land Jobs Abroad. Ensure you follow the steps listed above and you will be on your way to the country of your choice.

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