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How to Become a Real Estate Lawyer

The most frequent asked questions among undergraduate studying law is “How to become a real estate lawyer?”. This is not far fetched because a lot of lawyer in this sector are making it big. As a matter of fact, Real estate lawyer is the ones making it big in the law firm.

This can also be attributed to the fact that it is easy to run a private law firm as a real estate lawyer and get high cheques. So why many want to become Real Estate lawyer after law school.

It is good to aspire to become a real estate lawyer, but one must ask the question “How?” to gain insight on how to go about becoming a real estate lawyer.

Here we are going to answer the question above which will, in turn, help you with your aspiration of becoming the next big real estate lawyer.

Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Lawyer


Meet the Degree Requirements:

Before any other thing, You can only become a Real Estate Lawyer only if you studied law in school. It is very crucial to have a degree in law. that is your starting point, without it, it becomes nearly impossible. Nearly in the context because you can get a pre-law majors or concentration law school. But to gain an advantage, get a degree in law from a recognised institution.


Get High Demand Skills in Law

To achieve your dream of becoming a Real Estate Lawyer, You must be skilled up. Real estate lawyers are always meeting with a lot of people during their workday, from clients, potential clients, opposing counsel, and even judges or arbitrators. You need to have the to communicate effectively or else you might end up losing clients, or potential ones. One skill you should look forward to having is the communication skills, confidence to stand in the public and address pressing issues.


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The ability to negotiate is another vital skill you should possess.  Been able to convenience others, Marketing and Sales shouldn’t be left out.

Intern with Real Estate Company


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Internship with a real estate company exposes you to what Real Estate is all about, you get to have a first-class view of what it takes to work in such a firm. You can also create networks here. Meet the firm lawyer, who will be in the best position to mentor you.  You will get to understand the laws, policy and culture of the industry even before graduating. An internship with a Real Estate Company will do you a greater good.


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Go to Law School

After your undergraduate degree, it is advisable to go to law school. earn your law degree and get a licence. you can start by applying for the LSAT and earn a Law degree.

Get Working Experience

Get started by working as a Lawyer, possibly with any firm before switching to real estate. This will ensure you have got experience and diversity. It will also equip you for what you are going to face as a Real Estate Lawyer.

Start Applying for Real Estate Jobs.

After Experience, you can now go ahead to chase your dream.

With the above, from getting an undergraduate degree in law, Interning in a law firm, going to law school and having working experience as a lawyer will put you in the right position of excelling as a Real Estate Lawyer.

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