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How to Get a Job in the UK from Nigeria.

Amid the Japa frenzy, one of the most sort after Japa (migration) destinations by Nigerians. So providing answers to how Nigerians will get jobs in the UK from Nigeria is a welcomed development for Nigerians who do not want to go through the hassle of travelling to the Therefore getting jobs.

If you want to know how to get a job in the UK from Nigeria, read this article to the end.

On average it is estimated that 280 people migrate per 1,000 people in Nigeria, these statistics are for the years 2021 and 2022. As recent as 2019, it is estimated that over 215,000 Nigerians have migrated to the UK.


How to Get a Job in the UK from Nigeria.


You might want to ask why Nigerians find the UK a destination to migrate to and also seem for job opportunities.

  • One such reason is, that the UK government has a very strong relationship with the Nigerian government and so the perception of the UK as a great destination continues to linger. That is not to also push aside the fact that Nigeria is a former British colony.
  • The UK has some of the best tertiary institutions in the world, so this is an attraction to Nigerian migrants who want to have families and see their kids have the best education.
  • The UK currency is top of the food chain when exchanged with the Naira.
  • The common language is the English language. When Nigerians migrate to the UK, the language can not be a barrier.

Finding a job in The UK from Nigeria is a hard task but with the aid of the internet, everything has been made easy. There are UK job recruitment agencies that make this possible.


The following UK Recruitment Agencies can help you find a job in Nigeria.

  • InterQuest Group
  • Morgan Hunt
  • Opus Professional Services Group
  • Stopgap
  • Blue Arrow
  • Firefly Finance Recruiting
  • Bond Recruitment

All a potential job seeker who intends to find a job in the UK needs to do is, signup to the websites of these recruitment agencies and then get email notifications of potential jobs in the UK.

Another potential route to getting a job in the UK from Nigeria is with the help of family or friends who are in the UK. This most times is how most Nigerians got jobs in the UK from Nigeria.

Succinctly, another way of getting a job in the UK from Nigeria is the freelance route. Freelancers often become permanent workers by a UK firm whom the freelancer has been working for.

Ever heard about the Indeed Job website? People have gotten jobs in the UK from Nigeria. All you have to do is register and turn on your notification.

Also, one sure way of getting a job in the UK from Nigeria is applying for the UK Tier, 2 visas (general) “through shortage occupation”.

Using this route, all you have to do is apply for a job listed under “shortage occupation”. This means there is a noticeable lack of skilled workers in that sector and there is a high demand for qualified workers there.

These jobs include medical doctors, nurses, cyber security experts, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, DevOps engineers, software engineers, programmers, graphics designers, information technology business experts, social workers, game developers, web developers, environmental engineers, graphics designers, cinematographers, truck drivers, artisans, creatives, and so on.

Getting jobs in the UK from Nigeria is not a walk in the park but social media especially LinkedIn and Twitter can do the magic if the potential job seeker from Nigeria can fully maximize its online presence.


When searching for jobs in the UK from Nigeria you must be on the lookout for certain kinds of jobs.

  • Medical Doctors in the UK make on average £62,000 a year and in most cases, their UK employers sponsor their visas. So if you are a medical doctor in Nigeria, jump on that opportunity of making good money while working in the UK.
  • Pharmacists in the UK mostly work in drug stores or hospitals and they make on average £43,000 per annum.
  • Registered nurses make on average £33,000 per annum.
  • Secondary school teachers make on average £43,000 per annum.
  • Electricians make on average between £33,000 -£34,000 per annum.
  • Graphic designers make on average £29,000 per annum.
  • IT business analysts, architects, and system engineers earn on average £50,000 per annum.




Are you thinking of how to get a job in the UK from Nigeria, think of how to apply for the jobs that lack skilled workers in that field? Go and make that money while also advancing in your career. I hope you liked this article on how to get a job in the UK from Nigeria. Don’t hesitate to hit the like button, share and comment.


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