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How To Get A Remote Internship

Let’s kick off by showing you how to get a remote internship.

Since the Pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of remote jobs globally. As a student or a fresh graduate, you must maximize the opportunity and seek for remote internship.

There are much to benefit from internship remote jobs or internship, which I know you are aware of. But the general question usually among fresh graduates or students is how to get a remote internship.

This post is to guide you on how to find a remote internship. This internship isn’t limited to your country of location only. What this means is that you can choose to get an international internship without crossing borders. You don’t have to worry about how to go about it. All the details you will need is on this writeup. Just relax and read through. You will discover it is now very easy to get an internship without visiting the company.


How do you Benefit from this Pandemic?

Instead of seeing the pandemic as a problem, see it as a blessing that has created springs of opportunities.
Before anything, let’s show you how to make the best use of the situation to get a remote internship.

A remote internship is definitely an excellent way of helping you develop highly in-demand skills. Aside from that, you can work with a company near you or far away from you without any need of visiting the company on site. This saves you a whole lot of cost. As well as add to your productivity.

The remote internship will enable you to have a diversified portfolio. It is a great way of adding multicultural experience to your CV. This in turn will make you stand out and become highly sought after.

It will open more job opportunities for you. Recruiters want to hire a candidate that can manage his time judiciously, as well as juggle through the task without been micromanagement from their end. This is one awesome experience working remotely will give you.

It gives you wide knowledge on new technology. The outburst of remote jobs will definitely bring out new technology for many companies. This is one thing you will learn. How to use this technology efficiently to carry out the task. You will also now the internal mode of communication of a company and the models.

A virtual internship is awesome for students and this will give you free time to also focus on studies.


Tips on  How to Find a Remote Internship

Okay! I guess you are getting it. Now let’s look at how you can get a remote internship.

Decide which area you want to intern

I believe this won’t a problem for you. Know where you want to intern. Know where you want to work. It is wise t carry out extensive research on the field you do love to work in during an internship. this will help you when writing your resume and cover letter. it will also help you in terms of skills acquisition as well as prepares you for what to expect during the internship.

Check for Career Services

Ensure to make your research for internship. Research for internship providers. There are a lot of career services out there that provide internship. it is up to you to make your research using the internet. When looking for internships online, carry out your research and read provider websites carefully. Also ensure to look into the companies they partner with, as well as any other inclusions they offer in their program. For example, some international remote internships are offering a flexible option to travel abroad later!

Use Your Network

In addition to using career services online, also ensure to check LinkedIn groups affiliated with your institution or company, and connect with alumni at companies and in career fields of interest. Also, create a connection with family and friends. Let them know you are looking for an internship. One might just help you. Also maximize the use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc. These are a great place to meet and connect with people, recruiter and employees who are working in your dream company and might be nice enough to assist you.

Send Applications

Review your resume and cover letter, if there be a need to work on them, kindly do that before sending out your applications.

Ensure you ask questions if need be. check online for remote internships and forward your application. If qualified, You do get a call or an email to alert you of the next phase of the recruitment.

Prepare for the interview.

Ensure you prepare for your internship interview. Note that the interview might be a video call, Learn how to effectively use video call tools such as Zoom, which happens to be the most popular one. Google meet, Duo and many more. Also, dress smartly and prepare questions in advance to show them you are serious about completing a virtual internship


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