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How to Look for a Job After College

There are many tips on how to look for a job after college, but first I do have to congratulate you for finishing college. It certainly not as easy as you earlier though. Now back to life after getting a college degree, you need work to be able to pay up bills as well as support your dreams.

However, there are several challenges that face college graduates when looking for a job. This could be frustrating. But the good news is that there are people that had gone through the sure experience and also have successful tips.

In this article, we do be looking at successful tips that are helping a lot of college graduates to get their first job with stress.

Tips on How to Look for a Job After College


1.  Build yourself.

When looking for a job, you have to get serious with it. When I say build yourself, I am not implying in getting a great resume or impressive outfit for an interview. Building yourself goes far beyond that. A smart person would start acquiring skills as well as experience even before graduating from college. However, you can still start even if you missed out in college. it is not late. start building yourself by getting the best skills, learn the practical aspect of your job position. volunteer works are a great place to accumulate experiences. Also, you can gain experience by work on your own. All this will help in getting you the job fast.

2. Create a well-Tailored Resume and Cover Letter.

Most graduates miss this step. unfortunately, it is one step that you shouldn’t miss. it is that important. You have to create a well-tailored resume as well as a cover letter. Below are the reasons why building a resume and cover letter are of the essence of job search after college.

  • it helps to reflect on how your experience matches the job description.
  • Your Cover letter clearly introduce you to the recruiter
  • it helps you highlight relevant skills and qualities
  • It also helps to express your interest in the job as well as the company itself.

You should be strategic when building your resume and cover letter. It is important to first read the job description then create your resume as well as a cover letter from there.


3. Create an attractive LinkedIn profile

After creating a good resume, next is to focus on getting your LinkedIn profile worked on. It is vital to note that your LinkedIn stands as your online resume and efforts should be put in optimizing it.

When working on your profile, use the format for your resume. include schools you attend. it is also great to include the jobs you have done previously. This is so because you need to show you have working experience. You can delete later as you grow and gain more relevant experience.

You should be on LinkedIn because it is a great place to build networks. Linkedin can connect you to a recruiter. Depending on how well your profile is optimized. LinkedIn can make it very easy for you to get a job.

4.  Creat a relevant Network

Don’t just gather people in the name of the network. you may not go anywhere. connect with those that have the capacity to connect you with the job. start creating quality networks. Linkedin is a great place. You can also get quality networks by attending job seminars and conference.

5. Utilize the Social media space

You can also build relevant networks by utilizing your social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and others. They will help in connecting and communication. You can also gain handy skills through this medium.

One great stuff to do one social media if you need a job is joining professional groups that are related to your industry. You can get the latest news and job openings on these social media communities.

6. Get a professional certificate

Apart from acquiring skills and also experience, Professional certificate is a goal that should be achieved. take courses that are related to the industry you want to work. this gives you a big advantage over others and makes you stand out.

7. Start to Apply for Jobs

Finally, after getting the above done, it is now time to start searching for jobs. start by submitting your resume, engage on social media as well as other job listing websites such as Indeed, Graduatejob,  Jobscolony and others.

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