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How to Make Money on Twitter

Online is a goldmine if you know your way around it. I laugh when people feel you can’t make money online. it like saying we are not in the 21st century. According to one of my mentors, a high profiled Blogger by name of Nnamdi Nelly, he says and I quote “Many are just existing in this 21st century only a few are truly living in it”. This quote made me realise that several people are yet to take the opportunities these online platforms have created.

Twitter, is one of these platforms, that has created a lot of opportunities that can make you rich. today we will be looking at How to Make Money on Twitter. I feel sad when a lot of employees, budget money for data subscriptions, They visit social media pages, post pictures and chat without earning. It is really sad. As a matter of fact, a wise person can start earning side income from Twitter.


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Let’s a roll-up. This article is to help you with How to Make Money on Twitter. Read carefully.


How to Make Money on Twitter

Create a Killer Twitter account

Before anything, you have to be on Twitter to make money on it. Create an excellent account with the app. Ensure your profile pix is cool enough to attract followers. Also, make sure it has a brand look if you are dealing or trying to sell a product.

Your cover picture must also be attractive and have that brand look. Ensure your bio is able to describe and sell your products to your followers even without you having to tell them. let it be cool that at first read they are attracted to what you are sell or the service you are rendering.

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Super Followers

To make money on Twitter you need people. Who are your followers? Are they loyal?  Can they help you raise funds? These are questions you should ask yourself. Having supper followers is the second step you should take if you really want to make money. Put effort into building followers. Create great and attractive contents that will make them love to come back or follow you.  Ensure you are offering something relevant. or you are tweeting something important to them.

Tip Jar

To be able to earn on Twitter, you should be able to set up a Tip Jar. Tip Jar is a way your followers monetarily Tip you via popular payment platforms. it works like your bio link tool and is very easy to set up.



This is a practice on several social media to solicit ideas and contributions for large followers. it is a great marketing tool for years now.

With Twitter, one of the effective ways to make followers contribute in other to fund or grow your business is through crowdsourcing. However, it is only effective when you have supper followers.

Crowdsourcing can help you raise capital for your business or money to grow it if you do it in the right way



Hold a Twitter Contest

Be creative with your Twitter Account especially if you are selling products. Sometimes you have to engage in a Twitter contest or “Give Away” This has a way of increasing your followers. Also, in return, this new follower patronises your products or service.

There is a lot of fun and creative ways to make a contest enticing for followers. You can ask them to be judges, crowdsource them for ideas, or simply ask them to favourite/retweet something.




To make money on Twitter, It is important that you have something of value you are selling or offering. you can also use the platform to build web traffic if you are a blogger, this in return increases your revenue. Also, A YouTuber can maximize twitter and earn big. it all depends on what you are offering. I believe you can start making money on Twitter. All the best.




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