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How to Move Abroad in Three Months

How can you move abroad in three months? That is what this article is all about. You can plan to relocate to an outstanding country within three months. Please read this post to find out how you can migrate overseas in three months. If you can afford to move, please do so.

Okay! The Republic of Ireland is the name of the country. Let’s see how quickly you can relocate to Ireland.


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There are two sorts of job permits in Ireland. For the purposes of this post, we shall look at one that will assist you in getting to Ireland within three months.

There are two kinds of work permits.

  • The Critical Skills Employment Permit
  • General Employment Permit


With the general employment permit, you can not move with your family. This gives the critical skills employment permit which allows you to move with your family, an upper hand.


The other advantage of the critical skills employment permit is that after two years of working in Ireland, you can apply for the “Stamp 4,” which is permanent residency in Ireland, as opposed to the general employment permit, which requires you to work in the country for about five years before you can apply for your permanent residency permit.


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Best Route to Move in Three months

You can move to Ireland in three months if you follow the “Critical Skills Employment Permit” route.

The Irish government established this pathway to encourage highly skilled persons to come to Ireland and contribute to the country’s economy and overall progress.

As a result, the Critical skills employment permit is not just any road to come to Ireland; it is for specified jobs, not just any occupation or field.


There are several vocations that allow you to move to Ireland in three months. Let’s have a look at the jobs.

These positions will get you there.

  • Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers
  • Engineers (all forms of engineering)
  • IT professionals
  • Analysts in Finance and Business
  • Social service workers
  • Aeronautics

There are many more roles on the list.

All you need to do is find work in Ireland. If you find a job in Ireland, you can actually use roughly three months for visa processing and everything else before moving to Ireland.



There are certain eligibility conditions that you must meet because anyone cannot apply for the Critical skills employment permit.

The criteria are listed below.

  1. Your job should be able to pay you at least 32,000 Euros per year.
  2. The role you do be working in has to be under the critical skills employment permits.  It should be noted that simply working for a company does not qualify you; instead, your function in the organization MUST fall inside the critical skills employment permit.
  3. Have a degree in the occupation for which you are applying.
  4. When you finally land a job, your offer letter must come straight from the company. Use no agencies.


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Ireland Job Websites

You must have a job before moving to Ireland. Here are a few websites in Ireland that can help you find work in Ireland.

  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • www.irisjobs.ie
  • Google Jobs Ireland
  • Grabjobs.ie
  • Glassdoor Job Ireland

There are other websites, however, the ones stated above are the most popular.


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