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Human Rights Lawyers and What They Do

Human Rights Lawyers are the most sought after lawyers, They are in charge of laws guiding the basic rights of human and morality.

Human rights are the basic rights and moral principles which protects the freedom and dignity of human beings. They are universal and fundamental. It encompasses the legal, civil, social, cultural and economic rights of people thereby protecting them from any form of abuse.

The human rights belong to every human regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity or background. These are the rights we have simply as being humans. That is recognised by the government. The state or government cannot restrict these rights because they are inherent not given.

Human rights is the totality of individual rights laid down in state constitutions and international law. Human rights pertain to all aspects of life and it advocates for equality, liberty and respect for human dignity.

It is our duty as humans to fully exercise our rights without fear or intimidation.

In the area of civil and political rights, humans have the;

  • Right to life
  • Right to liberty and security
  • The right to a fair trial
  • Freedom of movement
  • Freedom from slavery, servitude and forced labour
  • Right to recognition as a person before the law
  • Freedom of association
  • Right to privacy
  • Freedom of thought, religion and conscience
  • Freedom of assembly
  • Right to the public hearing
  • Right to seek legal redress

Under economic and social rights, Humans also have the following rights

  • We have the right to work
  • The right to quality education
  • Right to form and join trade unions
  • Right to social security, protection of family and right to health.

In the area of collective rights, humans have the right to the following

  • Self-determination
  • Development,
  • Free use of their wealth and natural resources
  • Peace
  • A healthy environment
  • Rights of national
  • Ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities.


Human Rights Lawyers and What They Do


What Human Rights Lawyers Do


It is however unfortunate that most people are ignorant and unaware of their rights as well as the proper ways of exercising them.

This is why there is a great need for human rights lawyers. They play a critical role in the upholding of human rights

Human rights lawyers are lawyers who provide legal counsels to human rights violation victims.

These lawyers offer legal assistance in the defence of human rights.

The works of human rights lawyers are quite significant. They enforce fundamental human rights as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).


The roles of human rights lawyers include:
  • Writing legal documents for cases.
  • Advising clients and enlightening them on their rights.
  • Ensuring that concluded agreements are implanted.
  • Talking to witness to gather evidence.
  • Defence of their clients in the court of law.

Human rights lawyers are at the forefront to tackle human rights violations on behalf of their clients. Due to the lack of qualification, resilience, persuasiveness and good communication skill of a complainant, They provide an audience to their clients because of the possession of these needed skills.

Many a time, people face the violation of their human rights and are forced to keep quiet about it due to mostly fear and ignorance. Many others face the problems of not knowing how to defend themselves in a legal appearance. This is why the roles of human rights lawyer are highly significant.


Now you know what Human Rights Lawyer Do, Get yourself one and stop people from intimidating you. Hopefully, You have learnt you got the freedom and right to many things. Its time you start living life and ignore any form of intimidation.

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