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Internship for College Students this Summer

Get the best tips on how to find an Internship for College Students this Summer.


Internship for College Students this Summer


If you plan to apply for an internship abroad, summer is always the best time to do just that. Summer is the warmest season of the year and usually comes in the northern hemisphere from June– August and in the southern hemisphere from December– February.

Summer is the time of the year when most educational institutions go on a holiday which could last for a maximum of 2 months. This is why this time of the year is the best period to apply for internships, learn skills and gain more work experiences.


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Why You Should Intern During the Summer

Gaining an internship experience abroad is an opportunity for you as a college student to build your resume. Going through this program during the summer season would enable you to stand out amongst your peers.

It is advisable that you maximise your holidays by seeking internship programs abroad instead of normally spending your vacation with leisure activities. This would make you outstanding and incredibly build your resume and profile in addition to gaining you international recognizance.

Most companies love to employ individualS with global exposure and experience because they need people with creative reasoning and unique ideas for the growth of their company.

So it is definitely a wise decision to intern abroad and below are some opportunities for you.


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Summer Internship Opportunities Abroad


CIEE Global Summer Internship, Berlin, Germany

Interning or studying in Germany, might help your linguistics, making you learn their language. To work or study in Germany, you may need a visa if you’re not in EU or EEA countries. However, there are very good internship opportunities you can find in this country.

CIEE Global Summer Internship is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in a culturally diverse workplace.

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CEA Summer Internship Aix-en-Provence, France

If you’re fluent in French or English-speaking, it is very likely for your application to be approved in France. There are so many summer internships in the fields of Finance, Arts, Economics, Business administration and CEA is one amongst many. This internship offers training on: Marketing, social media, graphic design, cloud computing and so many more.



Baker Hughs Summer Internship, USA

Baker Hughs is a company that deals with advanced technology and they provide internship programs for college students to gain work experiences. If you’re interested in Engineering and Technology, this is definitely one summer program you can apply for.


Simply visit their page to get more information:


IDC summer Internship Program, USA

IDC is a summer program that offers awesome training on technology-based courses such as Computer Science, Data Analytics, Business Management and Information Systems.  It is a good opportunity for you as a college student to broaden your knowledge and in addition, it is a paid internship.

For more info, visit


Environment Science Intern, 2021, Canada

This internship deals with giving knowledge on environment science and concerned with the infrastructural development of communities and cities to make the environment a better place. If you’re keen on developing your soft skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and strategic planning, this program would be impactful.


CNN Internship Program, United Kingdom

Are you a journalism or mass communication student planning to get internship experience abroad?. Then CNN is a great opportunity for you to do just that. CNN is the top leading broadcasting company in the world and their pay is within the range of £15k – 50k per year.

Getting a summer internship is as easy as simply searching for the best online. The internet is the best tool for searching out for opportunities like this, all you need to do is apply if you meet all the requirements.

There are so many more awesome opportunities for you in any field of your choice, all you need do is go to the internet and dig them out.  Never miss the opportunity of learning something new, embrace them instead and broaden your knowledge.


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