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5 Best Tips of Finding Internship for College Students

Finding an Internship for college students might be hectic, Gone are those times when to secure a good job, you only need a college certificate and nothing else. Now most companies and organizations are keener on your experience level and skills, not just what a paper says. The tough question now becomes, how do you even get any experience level without having worked at all?.

Now, this is where an internship comes in. An internship is a programme in which college students or graduates gain work experience in a company or an organization for a specific period of time.

An internship gives you that opportunity to broaden your knowledge and the exposure needed in your field of study. The significance of an internship cannot be overemphasized because it enhances your job readiness. Hence, it is very important to find an internships position as a college student. However, oftentimes than not, the major problem is how to go about with your search.




5 Best Tips of Finding Internship for College Students


Let us kindly help you with that, here are some helpful tips on finding an internship as a college student:


Begin Your Search Ahead

This is a very important tip to note as it will greatly improve your chances of finding an internship. For you to be selected as an intern in any organization/company, you have to apply early. Submitting an early application puts you at the forefront, increasing your chances of being selected.

Imagine having to go through a thousand applications, of course, you would only be interested in the first 50—100. No one has that leisure of time to go through it all, he/she just picks out the bests from the first 100 applicants!. So endeavour to submit as early as possible and before the deadline.



You can’t be finding an internship and still sit home all day expecting one to come knocking at your door. You have to put in the required efforts by going out to network with people. Attend conferences, don’t be shy to sell yourself and put your self out there!. Networking gives you the opportunity to find relevant connects and gives you room for communication.  When networking, make sure you are polite and that you speak respectfully because this alone can spark interest in the person you are speaking with.


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Use Social media

Social media has made things much easier for us. You can now follow companies and keep up with their posts to know when they would be needing interns. Social media platforms like Linkedin, Glassdoor should come in handy because they can be very helpful.  gives a good listing of intern opportunities, LinkedIn not only does this but, helps your networking. Google advanced search is also a good tool. It could give you specific details on a company, how to apply, how to pass their interviews and the duration of the internship as well.


Frequently visit internship-specific websites

In as much as you visit social media app like Linkedin, it is also pivotal to visit internship websites. Websites such as;,, and more would aid your search.




Learn new skills

The hurdle most people face when finding an internship is in the kind of skill the company requires. Some organizations might brush you aside simply because you lack the skills they need. Now, this is why brushing up on your skills is highly important, you need to update your skill profile to appear captivating. Click here to know these skills—Essential soft skills for internship

Having applied these tips to finding an internship, you must also know how to secure them and getting an excellent cover letter is a very good way to start!

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So if you’re currently looking for an internship, why not jump on these tips and use them right away! Be creative and thorough with your search.


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