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Internship Salary in Nigeria – 2021

Knowing Internship Salary in Nigeria is a key to selecting an Internship. Aside, the experience you do can from interning for a company, there is also the monetary aspect. Here is an article to help you understand some of the basic salaries for an intern in major companies as well as major positions.


Do you know that you can actually get paid for interning with a company?, yes this is actually possible. However, that largely depends on the kind of company you’re applying to and their code of conduct. Some organisations don’t pay their interns salaries instead they handle their transportation and cover their feeding.

Getting paid as an intern is not your right and doesn’t depend on the kind of skill you’re offering to the company. You must bear in mind that you’re not just assisting in the organisation but also gaining knowledge from them. So in other words, you’re being helped by the company to gain work experience.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has made things more difficult as many companies refrained from offering internship and even the few that did, don’t pay their interns.

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In this article, we would be making a list of some top companies in Nigeria and the internship salary each pay.


Internship Salary in Nigeria

First Bank Internship Salary
The internship salary of the First bank varies with the duty assigned. Each department or office has a different pay from the other.

First bank Payments ;

  • Software Engineers Intern from the range of N67, 000–N72,000 per month
  • Office intern from N14,000 – N31,000 monthly
  • Information Security Analyst is paid from N14,000 – N16,000
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Zenith Bank Internship Salary
For Zenith bank, interns who get a work placement in this bank are usually paid an average of ₦35,000 per month irrespective of the department they’re placed in.

Guaranty Trust Bank Internship Salary
The Guaranty Trust Bank pay their interns who undergo industrial training a minimum of ₦40,000 per month.

Access Bank Internship Salary
Internship salary for college students or undergraduate trainees differs with the various responsibilities assigned. Access bank only offers a four-month of industrial training and pays an average of ₦40,000 per month.


United Bank For Africa (UBA) Internship Salary
UBA pay their interns according to their grade levels and different work categories. These categories are divided into two:

  1. Temporary Staff
  2. Permanent Staff

The permanent staff or interns retained in UBA at entry-level are paid a sum of ₦140,000 which is the lowest salary any permanent staff receives.

For the temporary staff which are mostly interns, the lowest amount they get as salary is ₦15,000 monthly.


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Flutterwave  Internship Salary
Flutterwave is a company that enables bank and businesses to make transactions all over Africa. The salary a fresh graduate receives is within the range of ₦80,000–₦90,000 while an intern is get an average of ₦30,000–₦40,000 monthly.


Nestle Nigeria Plc, Internship Salary
Nestle, a food manufacturing and marketing company, offer their internship students an average of ₦25,000 per month for a work duration of about 6 hours.


KPMG Internship Salary
KPMG, an organisation that offers tax services, financial audit and advisory pay their interns a sum of ₦37,500 per month.


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MTN Nigeria Internship Salary
Mtn, the leading telecommunication company in Nigeria pays their staffs based on long or short term contracts. The short-term staffs which are usually the interns get a salary between the range of ₦40,000–₦50,000.


Airtel Nigeria Internship Salary 
Airtel, which is another telecommunication company pay their entry workers an average of ₦170,000 and the salary isn’t the same as that of an intern.

Shell Internship Salary
Shell, one of the leading petroleum industry in Nigeria pays their student interns ₦43,000 monthly asides the other privileges attached like T-fare and feeding.

PWC Internship Salary
PWC is the second-largest professional network services in the world and they pay their interns, ₦80,000 per month.


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Let’s look at the major Internship positions and their Salaries

HR internship in Nigeria
Human resources (HR) in Nigeria pay their interns a salary amount of ₦60,000 for a month.

Nursing internship salary in Nigeria
For nursing, private universities pay lesser compared to government hospitals. The intern salary for nursing in private hospitals is within ₦50,000–₦80,000 while for teaching hospitals, it is ₦70,000–₦120,000.


Pharmacy internship salary in Nigeria
For Pharmacy, every intern, The government pays their receive a salary which sums up between ₦150,000–₦250,000.


Lawyer internship
Students who undergo their internship program in a law firm are paid an average of ₦30,000 every month.
These aforementioned companies pay their internship students however it is not stipulated that interns are to be paid. It strongly depends on the company and most times, this internship requires a physical appearance as it can’t be done virtually.



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