10 Internships You Can Use To Move Abroad

Are you still pursuing your undergraduate degree or recently graduated and eager to enhance your skills and gain practical experience?

Imagine the thrill of embarking on an internship in a foreign country, where you can broaden your skills and immerse yourself in exciting adventures. 

Truly, every internship has its challenges, and navigating a foreign environment can seem daunting at first. However, the rewards far surpass the initial uncertainties.

Now, as you are thinking of exploring opportunities for internships abroad, you may wonder where to begin and which internships to pursue.

Fear not! In this guide, I will provide you with the essential insights and guidance you need before you get into international internships. Let’s jump in!

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10 Internships You Can Use To Move Abroad

Here are 10 internships you can use to move abroad, irrespective of your field: 

1. AIESEC Internship Program 

AIESEC Internship Program is offered for undergraduates and master’s degree students. You can apply for this program irrespective of your nationality. 

AIESC offers undergraduates and master’s degree students the chance to develop their knowledge about the corporate divisions around the world. 

Interns of AIESEC enjoy a great experience on complex projects and have the chance to gain the skills required the global organizations. 

2. IST Internship – Austria 

This internship is one of the best internship opportunities for international students who want to experience proper research procedures in the leading European research centers. 

IST internship allows students to learn more about the practical implications of theoretical work. 

The best part of this internship is that you can go to Europe for free and get paid for the internship when working with the research groups. 

You will carry out extensive research in the IST lab and learn under the supervision of world-class group leaders and mentors.

3. Vocational Erasmus Mundus Program 

Vocational Erasmus Mundus Program is the action provider of vocational education and training (VET) and other organizations that are active in the field of VET. A wide range of activities are supported in this program. This includes job shadowing and professional development courses for staff, traineeships, and longer-term placements (ErasmusPro). 

You will be using the specific funding opportunities that are provided by the program for the purpose and raising awareness among their participants. 

Also, they share their best practices and choose the appropriate design for their activities.

4. CERN Internships – Switzerland 

The CERN undergraduate internship program targets students with technical and administrative expertise. 

Their objective is to give limited slots to interns throughout the year in the practical training program. This internship program extends from a minimum of one month to a maximum of six months. 

This internship program gives you a chance for intelligent brains to learn and have practical insight into fundamental lass of nature in a well-reputed platform and excel in their profession.

5. METI Japanese Internship Program 

Japanese companies offer this internship and will retain interns for the entire duration of the program.

They aim to train talents to expand their business overseas, work with foreigners, experience intercultural communication and build networks. 

This is possible through the development of the in-house system in collaboration with the Universities to raise awareness. This internship will train you to become a global leader since Japan operates in its home.

6. Taiwan International Internship Program 

Taiwan internship international program is an internship for every student worldwide and aims at promoting international talents in Taiwan. 

The Taiwan internship is an excellent opportunity for young professionals as the local company offers you a monthly stipend, accommodation and return economy flights. 

The internship also pays for your working trip visa and gives you free language courses.

7. UNICEF Internship Program 

UNICEF internship opportunities are a great way for you to start your career. You can apply for the UNICEF paid internship 2024 currently going on.

Those who are qualified to apply for the internship include undergraduates, graduates, and masters and PhD study levels. 

This program offers you the opportunity to gain practical experience with UNICEF’s work.

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8. KONARD ADENUAER Foundation Program – Germany 

This program fully funded scholarships for international students. Additionally, the scholarship is made available for master’s and PhD students. 

The scholarships will give you a monthly stipend of €850 for the master’s and € 1,200 for the Ph.D., including your tuition and accommodation. 

This foundation program for international master’s students and graduates enables the study and research of the universities in Germany. 

With this, you will be able to promote intercultural dialogues and the formation of international as well as the internalization of universities and science.

9. UTRIP Summer Internship 

The University of Tokyo Research Internships Program (UTRIP) invites students globally to apply for the program. 

This internship is six weeks maximum and UTRIP fully sponsors it. Applicants will be chosen based on their academic track record, their performance in the interview process and their willingness to learn. 

UTRIP provides university students with opportunities to conduct cutting-edge research in their environment with small constraints and risks. 

Also, they offer hope to their participants with a unique opportunity to explore Japan when gaining international experience and building relationships with people from different countries.

10. World Bank Summer Internship Program

For every brilliant student, this is a great opportunity to enrich your career development through quality-oriented professional work techniques to improve their professional skills in various environments. 

In addition, this program encourages great minds to express their thoughts and create the best possible interpretations through effective learning and development assignments. 

Everyone who is selected has the opportunity to work in collaboration with people from different social, ethnic, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. You contribute an essential part to the economy of the home countries in particular.

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