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Job opportunities in Canada for Foreigners

Ever wonder how to find a job opportunity in Canada when you migrate there?

This article will guide you on how to find job opportunities in Canada as a foreigner. After all, you migrated to Canada for a better life, and one way you can get a better life is to find a good job that can pay your bills and of course, meet your other needs.

Finding job opportunities in Canada can be difficult for a foreigner but the good news is that the Canadian unemployment rate fell to 5.2 per cent, so as a foreigner, your chances of getting a job are very high.  We will give a list of job opportunities in Canada for foreigners so make sure you don’t skip this article.

As a foreigner, before coming to Canada, make sure to apply for your work permit, the work permit will enable you to work in Canada.

Job opportunities in Canada for foreigners are not difficult to find but it is most common for those who choose to build their careers in the following field:


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  • Truck Drivers are mostly paid about CAD 49,000 on average every year. So as a foreigner moving to Canada, you might want to consider being a truck driver.


  • Web Developers in various workplaces in Canada earn about CAD 69,000 on average per annum. This opportunity is for those who are tech-savvy, so you might want to learn one or two programming languages and also learn web development before you move.


  • Human Resource Managers, are individuals who have the sole responsibility of recruiting competent and qualified people. In Canada on average per year, a human resource manager takes home CAD 89,000. So you might want to take a course on human resource management.


  • Electrical Engineers are responsible for testing, analyzing, and designing electrical components. On average an electrical engineer earns CAD 93,000 in Canada.


  • Veterinary Doctors in Canada earn over CAD 95,000 on average per year. So if you are a foreigner who is a veterinary doctor you might want to consider moving to Canada.


  • Pharmacist, a pharmacist collaborates on programs that promote the well-being of individuals. A pharmacist can build a career working in a hospital or a drug store. Pharmacists on average earn about CAD 95,000 – 112,000 per annum in Canada. So as a pharmacist are you considering leaving your country because of poor pay? Canada awaits your services.


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  • Welders and Machine Operators, this group of professionals earn an average of CAD 73,000 per annum. One of the pecks of these jobs is that you do not necessarily need a college degree. These jobs are also of the highest in-demand jobs. So if you are a welder in your country, you might want to consider moving to Canada for a better life and better pay.


  • General Laborers do the most physical jobs, their jobs are tasking but also the pay is good. One does not need a college degree to be a general labourer. General labourers earn on average CAD 47,000 per annum.


  • Receptionists, are individuals you meet as you enter an organization, they are often referred to as front desk officers. Receptionists in Canada earn about CAD 31,000 on average per annum in Canada.


  • Project Managers are some of the professionals that are highly demanded in Canada. Project managers do not have a line of work, they can work in finance, fashion, sales, marketing, and engineering. For you to be a project manager, you need Project Management Professional Certification. On average project managers earn CAD 91,000 in Canada. The project management certification is a certification you might want to go for if you are considering coming to Canada as a foreigner.


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  • Industrial Electricians, although the amount paid to these groups of professionals differs, industrial electricians in Ontario and Toronto earn more. The most important peck about these professions is, that you do not need a college degree. The average take-home of an industrial electrician in Canada is about CAD 83,000 per annum.


  • Software Engineering is an amazing job opportunity in Canada for foreigners. Are you tech-savvy? A software engineer’s take home on average per annum is CAD 100,000. People have this misconception about software engineers, they think software engineers can only work in tech firms but that is not true. Software Engineers can work with firms that use computers own or use applications and software to work.


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There are also emerging job opportunities in Canada for foreigners that are highly demanded. So as a foreigner worried about job opportunities in Canada, you might want to go and learn or get certified in the following areas:

Information system testing technician.

  • Cyber security specialist.
  • 3D architect
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Systems auditors.
  • DevOps engineer.
  • Live chat agent
  • Environmental engineer.
  • Blockchain developer
  • Data analyst
  • Cyber forensic investigator.

The above are emerging high in-demand jobs in Canada, so if you are a foreigner who intends to migrate to Canada or is already in Canada and you are wondering how to get good job opportunities in Canada, you might want to learn any of them.

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