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How to Find Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

The question of how foreigners can get Jobs in Germany causes a lot of stress and anxiety to people who wish to work in Germany.

Germany is a crowd-puller migrator, whether people are moving for greener pastures or academic reasons, or security reasons. Nevertheless, if you have plans to work in Germany, there are a few procedures to go through to answer the question of how to find a job in Germany.

In this blog post, we will be answering your questions on how to find a job in Germany so it is recommended that you read till the end.


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Is the German economic sector productive?

Germany is often seen as one of the most productive economies in the world. Germany’s economy is very competitive and is believed that the workers of Germany achieve in four days what other countries achieve in five days.

The economy of this country depends on several sectors such as life science, logistics, pharmaceutical, digital marketing, health care, agriculture, etc.

This variety of sectors means that there is a need for different skills and companies and organizations are ready to recruit people from different parts of the world.


How can I find jobs in Germany?

The German market deals with direct employment, apprenticeship as well as graduate schemes which include on-the-job training. This kind of arrangement is not uncommon among German companies. The purpose of this is to make sure that the workers have all the needed skills.

German companies show more appreciation to workers who are intimate with the business culture of the country, it’s an emphasis on punctuality, formality and obedience to work rules.


Criteria for finding work in Germany

Before new arrivals can work in Germany, there’s a need to have a job seeker visa. This visa is provided by the German state. This visa permits you to work in Germany.


What kind of jobs are  in Germany

As mentioned earlier. Germany is gradually pulling people there because of its excellent economy. Also as a result of the wide range of skills, the job market needs extra labour.


Some of the jobs in high Jobs in high demand are engineering, computer science, hospitality and tourism, and tourism are in high demand.




Job sites in Germany

Job vacancies in Germany are usually publicized on German job websites. Some of the websites advertise all kinds of vacancies while others have a specific type of jobs for advertisement

Listed below are some sites for jobs in Germany:

  • General
  • JobStairs
  • Kimeta
  • Kununu
  • English-speaking jobs in Germany
  • English jobs
  • The local.

Teaching Jobs in Germany

There are plenty of options for native English speakers. They can teach English in language schools, and private classes, to children and older people. The only criteria are to have experience, a degree, and TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign language) qualification.


You can search for teaching opportunities in German language schools or colleges.

Job vacancies in newspapers

If you are looking for academic jobs, you must look online for news feeds or purchase copies of the Saturday newspaper


Company sites

Some international companies will advertise on their company websites in both English and German. Vacancies usually appear under Stellenangebote, Karriere or Vakanzen.


In your home country, look out for available vacancies. But it is required that you how to speak and write in German.


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For you to find a job in Germany, you should know how to Network. Networking is done between friends, strangers, and colleagues. This might provide opportunities for you and help you bag a job in Germany.

Traineeships, internships and volunteering in Germany
If you are a college graduate, you can search for internship programs at AIESEC. Practicum is an excellent German website to search for internship gigs.


You can also work in Germany as a volunteer in exchange for housing, insurance and food. If you are between 17-30, you can find volunteering organizations



The desire to live a comfortable life Is what drives everyone to search for better opportunities. Sometimes this may require you to leave your homeland to find this opportunity. Germany is one of those places.

Germany has one of the best economic sectors in the world and it is doing very well. Due to the vastness of the sector, there’s a need for various skills. To fill this gap, companies employ the assistance of people from different parts of the world to work.

Some of these job vacancies expected to fill by these people are engineering, hotel management, hotel management, tourism, and computer science.

I hope this article on how to find a job in Germany was useful to you. If you did please leave a comment, share, and like.

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