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How much money do I need to migrate to UK?

Okay, guy! have completed my research on the United Kingdom. So, I’ll ESTIMATE the entire cost of studying in the UK for single person, married couple, and family.

Do you want to discover how much money you’ll need to move to the UK? 

Then please read this well-researched study on the entire projected amount of money you will need to migrate to the United Kingdom.

For Single individuals:

Now, in order for one person to migrate to the UK, you will require the following.

  • Proof Of Funds (POF): 10 million Naira average (must be in the account for at least 28 days)
  • Expenses: 5-7Million naira (From start till you settle in the UK for 2-3 months).

That is all you need if you are travelling alone to the United Kingdom.  Continue reading if you are planning arrangements for additional individuals.

Add the following to the above for each additional person accompanying you:


  1. POF: 4Million Naira (must be in the account for at least 28 days)
  2. Expenses: 1 million Naira (From start till you settle in the UK for 2-3months)

Total Addition= 5 Million Naira

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So, for couple to successfully settle in the UK for the first 2-3 months, you’ll need roughly 20M. So, if you wish to travel with your husband, you should budget roughly 20 million naira in order to properly settle in the UK.


Let’s broaden it to include additional family members.


At least from the ground up.


  • Around 25 million Naira for family of three
  • Approximately 30 Million Naira for family of four
  • Around 35 million Naira for family of five.

Please keep in mind that the following estimates are dependent on variety of factors. Yours may be somewhat lower or higher, but keep these estimates in mind.

Also, keep in mind that your expenses are the most important. 
So, locate the funds.
If you know what mean, you can always sort out your Proof of funds (POF).

Where you will Need to Spend Also.

Moving across the world comes with a slew of expenses! Here is a breakdown of the estimate. These are some aspects you will need to spend on

Flights: You will certainly need to spend on a flight. You can get this at a cheap rate if you know your way.

Travel Insurance: If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel, according to the old adage. We fully concur. There are a variety of relatives inexpensive travel insurance products available these days, and if you’ve ever had the miserable (and costly) experience of becoming ill or injured overseas, having your belongings stolen, or having an emergency back home that requires you to fly home immediately, you’ll know it’s not worth risking your life by travelling without insurance.

Luggage: Do you need a new bag for a summer of European adventures? Or maybe you just want to bring a lot of stuff over to England? Excess baggage fees can be exorbitant, so it’s normally better to send a package of, for instance, winter clothes from home than to replace them all in the UK, or to carry them over on the flight with you when you first take off.

These are just a few, you should also know what you will spend for getting into and out of the airport. That is how we came about the above estimate and believe it will help.

Okay, here is the total amount of money you need to migrate to the UK. We will appreciate you use the comment box below for your comments or You  can Join us on Twitter for more

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