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5 Best Online Investment Platforms for Trading

On our latest article we wrote about Online Investment trading and all you need to start, today we do be looking at 10 best Online Investment platforms for trading. This will help you know the write trading platforms to use for your online investment.

Online investment trading is a very risky one, this is because it involves you buying and selling specific security. The value of this security appreciates or depreciate base on the inflation of price in the market.  To start trading options online you will require to have a brokerage account or trading platforms that will allow you to trade them.  Therefore after much research and testing, we have decided to recommend this 10 as our best online investment platforms. You can also carry out your research if you think otherwise. Here are the best 5 trading platforms, carefully read to select which properly suit your need.

5 Best Online Investment Platforms for Trading

10 Best Online Investment Platforms for Trading

Charles Schwab

This is considered among our top 5 best online investment platforms for trading because it is best for beginners. it makes trading for beginners very easy.  It is also to 10 because of research abilities specifically for finding the best ETFs for customer’s purpose. It has top-notch screeners, report analysts, capable of comparing ETFs as well as fundamental and technical data.

Schwab provides full investment services and technology to clients range from active self-directed traders to financial advisors.

Schwab’s StreetSmart Edge ETF screener is the best among all other online platforms. They also offer free access to the news feed from MarketEdge, Argus Research Alert and more to their clients.


Fidelity also came among our best 10 for providing customers with great investment tool packages and excellent order executions. They continue to enhance their website to become mobile responsive as well as lowering the cost of investment for their clients.  So far they share revenue generates from the stock loan program and allow the client to choose which stock portfolios the want loaned out.

Fidelity also offers rich research and extensive pre-set and customizable asset screeners. They automatically push your uninvested cash into a money market fund.

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade features include Rock-bottom pricing and top tier platforms, This combination made this platform awesome and among our best 5. With TD Ameritrade active users enjoy access to less common assets like future and foreign exchanges. This platform also supports simple and multi-condition orders.

It comes with basic web and advanced think or swims desktop platforms which makes it easy for clients to understand. offers a low cost per contract with no commissions per-trade, no recurring fees as well as minimum account requirements.


With Tastyworks there is a lot of tools for options and futures traders as it offers more than 90% of the trades placed by its client are derivatives. Tastyworks is designed to help it’s clients evaluate volatility and the probability of profit. It’s all about making decisions and taking action. Cost is very low and fast executions take place, it as well offers commissions for opening orders for options on equities and futures at $10 per leg.


This is a newer investment platform and here you won’t have to pay for most options trading activities. Webull offers no commissions on stock, ETF, and options trades.

Apart from the margin trading, short-sales, advanced data feeds, and some very small fees charged by regulators no matter where you trade fee, you are also not required to pay any other fee with Webull. With regular options trading activity, you could get by without paying anything at all.

It also offers web, mobile, and desktop platforms ideal for the most active traders.

Wrap up.

Here are the Best 5 online investment platforms you should consider when you want to invest online. they have been tried, tested and trusted. highly recommended for anybody with the desire to ply a trade online







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