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Portugal Admission and Visa Processing

This post will explain all you need to know about Portugal Admission and Visa Processing, especially if your budget is between 3-4 million Naira.


Portugal is located in southern-western Europe and has a population of 10.31 million people. The official language is Portuguese, but English is widely spoken as well, so don’t be afraid.


Portugal Admission and Visa Processing


Portugal Admission

Your educational path to Portugal is really simple and quick. First, look for schools in Portugal that teach English for BSC, Masters, and PhD degrees.

This is something that many schools do. To find them, go to https://4icu.org/pt/.

Check to see if your course is taught in English.

After you’ve found your ideal school and course, you can apply with your transcripts, certificate, any professional certification, and so on.

Before applying, you can begin authenticating your documents with the Ministry of Education and Foreign Affairs in Nigeria.


Authentication documents

  1. Your WAEC certificate and testimonials if you are applying for a BSC, a BSc certificate if you are applying for a Masters, and a Masters certificate if you are applying for a PhD.
  2. Your Transcript, please provide your authentic transcript that has been signed by your school.
  3. If married, a marriage certificate ( this is needed when you want to bring in your family)


Please keep in mind that you must authenticate your documents even before applying; otherwise, you will be denied admission.

The overall cost of authentication is determined by your availability.

If you go to Abuja and do it yourself, it will cost you roughly 10/15k Naira, but if you do it through a proxy, it would cost you around 50k Naira.

In Portugal, there is an application cost. It costs roughly €20. After submitting your admission application, you can now go to the embassy for verification.

This can take up to 4 to 5 weeks, depending on how quickly you can ‘run things.’

When you submit your documents to the embassy within a week, they transfer them to NUC if you graduated from university or NBTE if you graduated from polytechnic.

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Now comes the hard part: once you’ve completed the week you filed at the embassy, you must follow up with NUC OR NBTE so they can expedite and deliver to your school through email for verification.

Once this is completed, you should follow up with your school to expedite the process. Because you’ve taken all of the essential measures, you’ll be admitted pretty quickly.

Once admitted, enrol as soon as possible because you will be given a matric number and the necessary documentation for your visa application.

Please keep in mind that if you wait in enrolling, you will be required to pay FULL TUITION before the appropriate documents are issued to you.

TUITION: Tuition in Portugal is paid in ten instalments. Assume your tuition is 1500€, and you pay 10%, or 150€ per month.

Every year, their session runs from September to June (10 months) Someone I know paid a 50€ and a 30€ enrollment fee. Is it really that cheap?


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The Embassy will contact you for a Visa Application and offer you a list of prerequisites after receiving verification from your institution, NUC, or NBTE.

You must come IN PERSON with all of your documentation and proof of cash for this (around 10M naira) Please keep in mind that the POF might come from ANYONE as long as the person claims to be connected to you.

Your sponsor MUST provide you with a letter, their data page for ID, and bank statements (anything from 10M upwards is really, really cool)

After that, go home and begin praying.

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