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How to prepare for a Graduate Trainee Interview

To we do be discussing on how to prepare for a graduate trainee interview section with any organisation, We do also give you tips on how to ace such interviews. But before we proceed you might want to understand what a graduate trainee means. It will be better to understand its meaning before preparing for its interview.

Getting a graduate trainee could be challenging especially at this moment where there is a rise in unemployment. Therefore after several applications and you finally land one, you have to go through the interview phase before landing the job. Getting through the interview section could be any difficult task many fresh graduates often end up frustrated after several interviews. It shouldn’t be so. Unfortunately, many don’t know the secret. Congratulations if you are read this as you are preparing for your next interview.

A Graduate requires more than just presenting your skills, it is should tell about your personality also. This in turn will determine if you are fit for the role. During a graduate interview, you should be able to impress your interviewer just enough to land the job. All I am saying is you have to put in more work to ace your graduate interview.




That said, let’s see how you can prepare for the graduate interview.


How to prepare for a Graduate Trainee Interview


Preparing for every phase of the recruitment process is very vital.  Graduate Interviews might come with different layers. For instance, most banks go through three major interview phases while other organisations might conduct a one-off interview while the other two. It all depends on the firm interviewing you. Therefore you should be prepared for anyone.

In this article, we do be showing you how to prepare for the three major stages of a graduate Interview.


Three Major Stages of Graduate Interview

  1. Telephone interview
  2. Face-to-face interview
  3. Panel-based interview


For any of the three above here are the best ways to prepare yourself.

Go Over your Applications and Resume
Applications and Resume are meant to be a brief intro about you, your skills and qualifications. When you are preparing for an interview ensure to go through your application/cover letter and CV. Expand on the key points you have given and consider other alternatives.

Researcher on the Employer
Ensure you have researched the company thoroughly. Keeping yourself familiar with the employer will help you anticipate interview questions and remind you why you applied in the first place. Search for the organisation on google or if you have their website you can visit directly and read up details of recent works. Know their clients and competitor. Think of ways you can contribute to their growth. You can go further to look up the employer on LinkedIn or other social media platforms.

Also Research competitors, too, and think about how their approach compares to the employer you’re interviewing with. This will help you during the interview.

Familiarize Yourself with the type of questions you might be asked
Get a grip on the potential questions you might face during the interview. Research on possible common Interview questions for graduate Jobs. this will help you prepare how to answer them. jot down your answers, do well to expand them and make them catchy.




Knowing how the interview will run and considering the different types of questions you might be asked during the interview should help you when practising coming up with answers. Having a better idea of what’s coming up should also help to ease your nerves.

Consider questions to ask in the interview
Interviewers will expect you to ask questions after the interview. This is actually a way to know if show a keen interest in their organisation or job desperate for the job. Therefore, I usually advise graduates to coin interesting questions for the research carried out on the organisation. Also, remember an interview is better when it is interactive, asking an intelligent question can spark the interactivity of the interview and that could place you in the spotlight. See some smart questions to ask during your interview.


Think About Yourself
This is vital, and it is not been selfish as some will see it. Who are you? Tell Us about yourself, these are questions recruiters often ask. Therefore a need to think and understand who you are before going for that graduate interview.

Recruiters want to know what unique skills you can bring to the role. Think through your work experience and the skills and interests you’ve developed at university and how these relate to the job and area of work.

You can as well form a list of your achievements and activities and make notes on the skills you learned and how you used them.  Also what you contributed to different situations using your role or personality. Then, add a note explaining how these show your ability to fulfil certain job requirements.


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