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How to Prepare for Bank Graduate Trainee Program

As a fresh graduate aspiring to work in the banking sector, you will want to know How to Prepare for Bank Graduate Trainee Program. The Graduate Trainee program in a bank should be your first hunting. This is because you do be gaining more experience as well as creating networks. Before we discuss Bank Graduate trainee, You might want to understand what Graduate Trainee Program is all about.

A Graduate Trainee is an entry-level officer who can be assigned any work from a set of tasks that are performed at a bank on regular basis. A Graduate trainee has to work in different departments of the bank like – teller, handle new accounts, work at the loan desk, handle customers etc.

Having gotten that brief explanation, let us go into today’s topic.

How to Prepare for Bank Graduate Trainee Program.

First, To start preparation, You should know some successful tips that can help you in Graduate Trainee Aptitude Test.

General Tips For Bank Graduate Trainee Aptitude Test.

Bank uses aptitude tests as part of their multi-stage assessment procedures for the selection and development of staff. Research has shown that they are powerful predictors of performance at work. The in-house recruitment department at their training college is responsible for the assessment. They oversee the conduction of the test.

The assessment contains sections such as Mathematics and Quantitative reasoning, English language /Verbal reasoning, G.B.A(General Bank Awareness) and Current Affairs which you should complete in 60mins. The time allotted as well as subjects can change depending on the bank.

Why the Aptitude Test?

Most candidates may ask this question below are reasons why Banks Conduct Tests for Graduate Jobs.

  • It helps them in selecting the best candidates suited to the demands of the job.
  • Identify areas for individual further development.
  • Obtain objective information about the abilities of their potential employees.

How long is access bank training?

The duration of the program also depends on the bank. But for most banks in the country, you should be certain to journey your way through the program for at least 6 months. with 6 months of Intensive training at the School of Banking.

What is Expected from A Graduate Trainee?

As a graduate trainee, your responsibilities include shadowing various staff members, participating in learning experiences, attending meetings and workshops, and travelling to other working environments to gain practical experience.

You can read on How to Prepare for Graduate Trainee Interview. This will help you prepare Properly for the Interview Section as well.

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