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How to Research a Company Before an Interview.

The best way to fail in an interview is no having any clue of what the company is all about. If you get a mail inviting for a job interview. Don’t just read the mail and sleep over it. It is time for your first assignment, which is research about the company.

Today we are going to explain some beautiful steps on how you can successfully research a company and get first-class information about them that can make them easily pick you among others.
Companies are always keen to select candidates that have an interest in the company and have their facts right.

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Below are great steps on How to Research a Company Before an Interview.


The companies website

When you get a job interview the first place you should go is their website. Check out their website, where you do get to know if truly the company exist or not. You will also get to know if they are scammer or genius. Check out this article on how to know fake companies in Nigeria.

Also on the website, you can tell what the company is into, their products and the services they render.
Although there is massive information on a company’s website, there are key pages you should visit. They are called the cheat sheet which includes the following pages on the company’s site.

  1. About Us Page: this provides you with an overview of what the company is all about. Here you get to know the mission, purpose as well as objectives of a company.
    You do also know what services and product they offer and the goal of the organisation.
  2. Company’s History: A smart candidate will pay keen attention to learning about the company’s evolution over time since inception. Here you get to know past and present leaders of the organisations and what role they play. Also, you will find things like projects the company has embarked on or are will to embark on.
  3. Media Room/News. Get to find out what is recent in the company. This will help you in preparation and also you can coin a question from this. It speaks a lot believe me. That’s you showing interest and no hiring manager will overlook that.
  4. Contact Us/Address: this information come in handy if you don’t know the location. You can also get a contact address such as a phone number to call for verification or further enquiries.


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Know what the Employees are saying.

It is wise to always check out the company’s employees review before going for the interview. These reviews will help you know about the workplace. You can start making your decision whether to go or not. The employee’s review will also help you get handy information about the company. How they treat employees, know about their payment system, benefits and rewards and more.

This also gives you insight into the culture and policy of the company. Before deciding on employees review make sure you understand the pattern. It calls for worry when 70% or more are saying something negative about the company.

For companies review you can visit glass you can as well see nairaland trend about the company but ensure you guard yourself and don’t just take whatever information you get here with full chest.

Google the company.

Get to see what others are saying about the company. here you can read up comment of other about the company. You can also get an unbiased look at its achievement over the years of operation as well as its mistakes.
You can also use google to find out the companies impact on the industry. Also, get the latest news about the company. You can do this by setting a google alert with the company’s name.

Use Linkedin to check employees and employers profile.

A smart candidate should ensure to go to LinkedIn and see the profile of people you are about to work with and work for. You can start building a connection from here. Also Following them on Twitter or other social media handles can be helpful.

Go directly to the source

This is only for candidates that are lucky enough to know someone who works in that same company. It is easier going to the person and asking about the company’s culture and what the policy looks like. You can have a good chat with the company. This will boost your confidence and you do be heading to the interview room with strong knowledge about the company.


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With the above, you can go to the interview room with great confidence, able to anticipate the type of questions that might be asked. As well as been able to ask intelligent questions.
It can also show you are genuinely interested in the company and this can set you apart from other candidates.

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