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How to Prepare an Excellent Resume for Undergraduate Internship

Having an excellent Resume for an Undergraduate Internship is as important as securing the internship itself. Resumes are very pivotal to getting a job or even being interviewed. A Resume is a document that summarizes your accomplishments and then peaks you. From a more descriptive angle, a resume is what stands in for you. It is the first meeting your employer ever has with you, only that it’s in prints. Therefore, having not just a good but an excellent resume is highly necessary.

Your contents and style of your resume need to be impressive because it gives you a better chance at getting any internship.
A resume is an official document that can’t just be written without caution, so it’s very important to be careful while drafting.
There are basic guidelines to preparing an excellent resume. Here are some very helpful tips on how to go about writing an internship resume.

How to Prepare an Excellent Resume for Undergraduate Internship



How to Prepare an Excellent Resume for Undergraduate Internship

Do a Review on Excellent Resumes

Never make the mistake of writing a resume without any idea on how to, you would make a big mess. Reviewing other excellently written resumes would give you a good idea of how to draft yours.
Before writing your resume, observe the unique styles, tones and arrangements of others. This tip is very helpful because doing this relieves you of the stress of figuring out how to come up with a good resume.


Use a Good Template

Templates are more like structured formats that could be personalized. You could pick a good template that best suits your Cv, a template that highlights your strengths and accomplishments. Choose a template with good arrangements and also the best fit for that internship application.


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Make use of Keywords

You might think keywords aren’t necessary for a resume but they are. Nowadays, resumes pass through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) before humans. These bots simply discard resumes that don’t fit their criteria. So to be on the safe side, input the keywords used in your field of study.


Use a Specific Profile

In creating an excellent resume, you need a unique profile that stands out. Your profile is the summary part of your resume. It cuts across who you are, your skills, strengths, experience level and education.


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Put Your Strongest Assets First

This simply means, put your best foot first, don’t show them any weak links. Talk about your greatest achievements, education before moving to your work experience. Since it is an internship resume,  having work experience might not be necessary but you can be creative about it. You could simply add any volunteer experience.


Make it Simple and Precise

Your employers are not keen on how bulky and stuffy your resume is. What makes a good Cv isn’t in the word length, in fact, it’s best to keep it simple and precise. To write an excellent resume, endeavour to make your major points known and not beat around the bush.





Proofreading actually is a step usually most candidates ignore while drafting a resume. It is normal that you get carried away while writing an excellent resume and forget to proofread. However, without proofreading, your essay is as good as nothing. So it is important to proofread and edit your resume before submitting it.


Attach a Cover Letter

A cover letter is just an additional personalized note attached to your Cv. It is that letter that you write to persuade your employer on why you should be selected. It is best to attach a cover letter to your resume because it can give you a better shot.
These aforementioned tips would definitely yield good outcomes if you use them while writing your resume. Pay attention to each tip and be creative about it. Study the company you wish to intern for and work your resume around your findings.

I hope these tips were helpful and you’d jump right on them. Well, let us know of any difficulties or questions in the comment section below. We’re dedicated to helping you get that internship, best of luck!

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