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Affordable Schools in Austria

Austria offers everyone the chance of a better education if only one can afford to pay all the expenses and if you were born in Austria be rest assured that you would enjoy the free public education. The free public education in Austria is only for nine years and if you intend to go further, Austria has arrays of affordable schools one can attend.

There are vast arrays of affordable schools in Austria for you to attend as a foreign student. Just like in Germany, tertiary education is not too expensive in Austria.  Schools offer high-flying foreign students scholarships and most of these scholarships are for students who want to study engineering, medicine, and computer sciences.

The Austrian educational system is regarded as one of the best in Europe as the government funds education. As of 2020, the United Nations Development Program ranked Austria as the 25th best in the World on the education index.


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Affordable schools in Austria abound, the Republic of Austria has over fifty universities and polytechnics.  The schools in Austria offer affordable and qualitative education.

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Universities in Austria are divided into three, which are;

  • State Universities: The state universities are classical in their approach to teaching and learning. These universities provide fundamental knowledge of most specialities.
  • State Universities of Applied Discipline: These universities fix their attention on making sure students who study in the school can apply the knowledge learned in real-life situations.
  • Private Universities for a fee: Austria has over ten accredited Universities that offer over 150 courses.
Higher education corresponds to the Bologna system and it is divided into three;
  1. Undergraduate studies take up 6 semesters which is 3 years.
  2. Magistracy (Master’s degree) takes up 2 years that is four semesters.
  3. The Doctoral programs in Austrian Universities take up 6 semesters which is 3 years.

The educational system in Austria has set down requirements for EU and non-EU students who seek to further their enrol in a program in Austria.

A student who is from the European Union or European Economic Area, that student does not need to pay tuition to enrol in a program at an Austrian public university. The student pays only €20 per annum which covers his or her student membership and student accident insurance.

For non-EU students who seek to further their studies in Austria, they have to pay €727 for tuition which is comparably low if put side by side with other countries in Europe.

Although, many public tertiary institutions in Austria make exceptions for students who are coming from developing countries.


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Some Affordable Schools in Austria;


The University of Vienna

Is the largest in Austria. The university is located in the capital and was founded in 1365, the University has over 18 faculties and over 90,000 students are trained in different specialities. The University is of n among the top 100 Universities in the World.

Tuition at the University of Vienna is about €727 for Austrian and E.U students and about €1,453 for students coming from non-EU countries.


Vienna Technical University

The university was founded in 1815. Presently the University has a population of over 16,000 students studying at the University mostly young men. The University offers information technology-related courses which are the most important in the University.

Tuition in this university is about €726-€1,453 for international students.


The University of Innsbruck

Since 1669, the University has been operating in the city of Innsbruck. The faculties the University places priorities on are mathematics, physics, and computer science. In 2004, the faculty of medicine was put in separate educational institutions.

The tuition fee at the University of Innsbruck is about €724 for everyone seeking to enrol.


The University of Linz

The University of Linz was founded in 1966 and its main focus is mathematics and engineering. University of Linz offers affordable tuition which is between €724-€1,000.

Austria offers an affordable educational option for anyone who wants to study outside his country. On average foreign students spend as low as €1,624 on general tuition in Austria. This also depends on the course they are studying.

The standard of living in Austria is on the high side, for a student who is from a developing nation, it can be quite a task to cope with. For instance, in the cities of Vienna and Salzburg, house rent per month is about €900-€1,300.

Schools are affordable in Austria when compared to other European countries where International students are expected to cough out over €4,500 for tuition every year.


Why should you choose Austria for your studies?

  • The Austrian offers prestigious, and affordable education for international students.
  • Higher education in Austria corresponds to the Bologna system and is divided into three: undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral.
  • With the Austrian educational system, you can submit your document twice a year, that is winter and summer. Other European universities are open to receiving documents just once a year.
  • Austrian Universities are among some of the best in the world.
  • You can apply for an exchange program or even use a grant.
  • You can work while studying in Austria, although it depends on what country you are from. For example, students from the EU and EEA can work freely without a work permit but students from other areas can work for specific hours every week.

It is also worthy of mention, that the Universities in Austria give out grants and scholarships to the best applicants in various fields.

  • The Berta von Suttner grant in the field of humanities and theology.
  • There is also the Ernst Mach scholarship in the field of medicine, law, and economics.
  • There is also the Franz Werfel grant for the best applicants in literature and linguistics.


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Finally, affordable schools in Austria abound but Austria remains an untapped wine because a lot of international students prefer the UK, Finland, Netherlands, and Norway where the tuition is higher compared to lower tuition in Austria.

Dear international students, Austria allows you to get educated without breaking the bank, and explore Austria educationally.


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