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Schools In France With Low Tuition Fees

As a student interested in studying in France, I’ve discovered several affordable universities that make achieving this dream a reality. These institutions offer excellent academic programs at a relatively low price, easing the financial burden on students and guardians.

With over 230 universities in France, there are plenty of options you can choose from, especially if you’re seeking affordable rates. Stay tuned as I share my insights in this article on schools in France with low tuition fees

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 How To Get Admission To Affordable Universities 

France is a home for international students seeking quality education at affordable rates.  To apply to low tuition fees universities in France, you need to meet some requirements depending on the school and the course you want to study. 

What Can I Study At Affordable Universities In France? 

International students can study various programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in this country. 

For instance, one of the affordable schools in France is Avignon University which offers History, Geography and Planning, and Information and Communication to students who are seeking a bachelor’s degree. 

At the master’s level at Avignon University, they offer Mathematics, Hydrogeology, Food Production Engineering, Soil and Environment. 

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Schools In France With Low Tuition Fees 2024

The following is the list of affordable institutions in France that have low-fee tuition fees for international bachelor’s students. 

  1. Sorbonne University 

Sorbonne University is located in Paris and is famous for being a top-notch research institution. Globally they are well-recognized for their engineering and science programs because they produce outstanding graduates in the field. 

Also, they have contributed a lot to academic research in France and Europe. It is an affordable university for an undergraduate to study. So if you aspire to study Engineering, this is your best bet

  1. University Of Caen Normandy 

The University Of Caen Normandy was founded more than five centuries ago and offers more than 120 bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It is renowned for its breathtaking campus that was destroyed during WWII which is why they have many historic monuments and mixes modern architecture with old buildings. 

Additionally, they have a network of 28 libraries, multiple art galleries, and a marine station. 

  1. Le Man’s University 

Having a long history of quality education Le Man’s University is home to 12,000 local and international students. 

They have various academic programs that are taught in French and English language. Additionally, their community of international students is growing as they provide a holistic study experience for their students on campus. 

  1. National Institute Of Oriental 

This school is a public university in Paris, France that specializes in teaching different languages and cultures all over the world. 

It was founded in 1669 by French statesman Jean-Baptiste Colbert. Additionally, They offer various courses for undergraduates and postgraduates in language, civilization studies, and other professional specializations. 

If you are in your first year as an international student, you will have to pay a tuition fee of 170 Euros. This school is at a cheaper rate compared to other schools in France. 

  1. University Of Clermont Auvergne 

The University of Clermont Auvergne was created to merge two former higher education institutions to meet the educational needs of the region and train students who are ready to face challenges in the future. 

They have six campuses across Auvergne and multiple academic buildings that include six institutes, 38 laboratories, and three research federations. 

The school fee is affordable and you can have a world-class education without breaking your bank account. 

  1. The University Of Franche-Comté

This university is a renowned school that is located in the heart of the city. The University of Franche-Comté is best for those seeking comprehensive educational training since its curriculum highlights practical experience. 

This school aims to continue its legacy and welcome more international students by upholding its students with friendly principles. 

  1. University Of Lyon 

It is a public educational institution that offers multidisciplinary programs for more than 2000 students. 

They are strongly committed to personal and professional development. Additionally, they provide research-based education and training  and also maintain close partnerships with various companies and organizations. 

Several student associations are also present on campus to provide supportive environment throughout the academic journey. 

  1. Paros Cité University 

This University is an educational organization that is in pursuit of academic excellence. It has an objective to maintain its reputation for being a catalyst of change through its ambitious and compressive educational offerings. 

The University has various research sites and advanced educational instruments to aid the students as they strive to become experts someday. 

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  1. University Of Burgundy 

This University seeks to strengthen its scientific contribution to the academic field. It has more than 300 worldwide partners that aid students learning experiences with its teaching and research mission. 

Their primary aim focuses on programs that are related to science and technology which is why it houses numerous advancements and resources for students to enjoy. 

  1.  Grenoble Alpes University 

Although this school was traditionally known for its programs in the scientific field its  humanities programs have recently been positioned among the best ones in France. 

This University has various campuses all over the Grenoble. The school is home to unique architecture that mixes modern and historical buildings, along with state-of-the-art academic facilities that include a tramway a university hospital, and an observatory. 

The main objective of the university is to address social needs through breakthroughs made in its research institutes and laboratories.

  1.  Paris Nanterre University

This is the only university in France that offers degree programs in human and social sciences. Paris Nanterre University provides student with innovative educational approach to mastering their skills and knowledge in the field. 

They are well known for their human and social sciences programs, the university also has business and economics courses, signifying its flexible and comprehensive academic offerings. 



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