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Schools In the UK That Accept HND And Third Class

There’s a common misconception that only people with a Bachelor’s degree can study in the UK.  Well, graduating with a third class in your undergraduate degree or having a HND is not the end of your academic career. 

You still have the privilege to make an amendment and graduate with something better. I have done comprehensive research on schools that accept HND and Third Class degrees in the UK. If you want to do your master’s degree in the UK, keep reading this article to the end. 

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Do Universities In the UK Accept 3rd Class For Masters? 

Do universities in the UK accept 3rd class for Masters? Yes, they accept it. Many universities in the United Kingdom accept HND Certificates and 3rd Class for Masters. However, you must prove your ability to excel well in the Master’s level.

Can I Do A Masters With An HND Certificate? 

Yes, you can. However, most master’s programs require a full honors degree. You have to check the course requirements because the offers are always limited. 

Top Schools In The UK That Accept HND For Masters

Here are the top schools in the UK that accept HND for masters:

1. Hertfordshire International College (HIC) 

Hertfordshire International College (HIC) is a prestigious university in the UK that accepts Third Class and HND holders. The school offers students a modern and dynamic educational experience.

They are committed to giving educational pathways and support to help you achieve excellence in your studies.

2. Birmingham City University 

Birmingham City University successfully combines innovative teaching and learning for its students.

They offer graduates the skills and experience they need to get employed, and 97 percent of their students are gainfully employed.

BCU focuses on knowledge-based learning, thus providing you with access to cutting-edge facilities and real-world experience. 

3. University Of Plymouth 

This university is famous for its vibrant city culture, and it is close to Britain’s most beautiful beaches with excellent surfing opportunities. 

There are over 30,000 students, including international students. At the University of Plymouth, there are many faculties you can attend, including Engineering, Arts and humanities.

4. International College Robert Gordon University

Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University aims to offer international students a world-class pathway to progress at. 

They provide students with the right knowledge and skills they need to excel professionally. You will particularly benefit from the small class and personalized teaching approach of this university.

5. Keele University 

Keele University is recognized for its warm welcome towards international students. The school has an international student support team responsible for meeting and greeting new intakes at the beginning of the term from Manchester Airport and London Heathrow for new students. 

If you are an international student, you can choose the pre-sessional English lessons, which will last for 12 weeks

6. The College Swansea University 

This university has a good reputation as one of the leading UK universities because of the high-quality teaching done through world-class research. 

Swansea University has a personal and supportive education philosophy that motivates students to get to their maximum academic potential and helps them to make a successful transition to university and life in the UK. 

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Top Schools In The UK That Accept Third Class

Here are the top schools in the UK that accept third class:

1. Ulster University 

This school is a well-ranked public university in Northern Ireland. It was traced back to the mid-80s and found its roots in Magee College. 

The school underwent various changes. In 1968, the new University of Ulster was established as the institution merged with Ukstwe Polytechnic in the year 1984 to form the School. 

Since then, the University has gone a long way to enter the top 50 Universities in the Complete University Guide.

2. University Of Wolverhampton 

The school offers a quality and standard academic and commended by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), which reviews UK higher education teaching. 

They are been praised for their regard for the student’s voices and QAA concludes the confidence that can be placed in the management of the academic standard. 

They offer different IT facilities that will help you through your course of study.  This includes wireless internet, equipment for disabled students, remote access email and dedicated staff giving you all the support.

3. Bolton University 

Home to more than 11,000 student body, you will get the best education at Bolton University. 

The school has a modern and compact campus. This ensures that no student feels anonymous during group teaching across various courses. 

Bolton School is a friendly place that thrives close to the big cities of Manchester and Liverpool. The schools consistently win the highest ratings that are possible for the Government’s quality control agency. 

Also, they have professional accreditation for more than 30 teaching programs.

4. University For The Creative Arts (UCA) 

This is a school of specialist creative arts in the United Kingdom. They offer courses like Business, Arts and Technology with subjects from acting and performance to virtual and reality. 

UCA knows that creativity makes global communities more vibrant and innovative. That is why, for 160 years, the university keeps advocating for creative education and research. 

5. University Of Hertfordshire 

University Of Hertfordshire is a young and innovative university with a fantastic heritage. It is one of the top 150 universities in the world under 50 years old. 

The school focuses on diversity, embedding industry knowledge in the curriculum to provide the knowledge, skills and practical experience to make its students desirable to employers worldwide.

6. Robert Gordon University

This is an innovative, accessible, impactful and professionally minded school that has a population of over 16,000 from more than 132 countries. 

This school is well-recognized in the Teaching Excellence Framework as a Gold Standard institution. Additionally, it is among the top 20% of the best universities in the UK for quality teaching, support and graduate employability.

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Thankfully, you now know the schools that accept HND and Third Class degrees the UK. Check out the schools in this article and pick the one that best suits your academic goals. Join Us Here for more information about schools in the UK that accept third-class and HND.

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