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What is the Smartest Interview Question to Ask?

it is common for many interviewees to always look for time to ask what they think is the smartest interview question. Today we will be looking at the question “What is the Smartest Interview Question to ask?” You will understand if it is important to dig for one smart question for your interviewer or not. Keep fingers cross and read carefully as we provide answers to this frequent question most people ask.

From our research, we have come up with the answers we are about to write down. it is vital you know about the research and how it is carried out.

The reason for the research is to determine if actually there is a smart question an interviewee should ask to secure the job. Also, we reply from both ends, that is from an interviewee as well as from an interviewer. This actually gives a balance and an amazing insight into the question above.

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What is the Smartest Interview Question to ask?

Below are our answers, and hope you do get great insight.

From the Interviewers End

We gathered that asking questions no matter how smart it is seen does not mean you will be selected. Your performance over the course of 50minute is what an interviewer look out for. Focusing on asking questions instead of answering shows you have already failed the interview.

However, that shouldn’t mean you will ask no questions. The point is don’t get so focused on asking questions that you forget the core purpose of the interview.

We also gathered that there is a good way of asking your question during an interview, for instance;

A good question should start with a statement and then a question. eg ”

“I’ve read the Job Description in detail and I understand the responsibilities.

Could you please tell me what qualities you’re looking for in the successful candidate?”

It is advisable you ask this early in the interview because this information helps you pitch yourself in the right way all throughout the meeting.

THIS creates more value!

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Asking ‘sophisticated’ questions is not a good idea. Interviewees should concentrate on answering questions not asking them.

It’s OK to ask clarifying questions about the issues being discussed but anything beyond that, especially if you try to be very ‘smart’ can be misunderstood or misinterpreted by one of the interviewers.

There is little upside so it’s not worth the risk (they will not hire you just because you asked a ‘smart’ question but they may decide not to hire you because an interviewer did not like something that could be implied by your ‘smart’ question).

In case the interviewers explicitly ask you at the end of the interview if you have additional questions. It’s my opinion that if the interview went very well the best thing to do is to say “I  can’t think of anything right now but you will contact them if something pops up later.”

Before moving to the interviewee response, kindly note that it’s not just about asking questions. Show interest in the job and the company. Shows you are sharp and prepared. Doing your Due Diligence is what can get you the job.

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From the Interviewees End.

It will be great to consider the interviewer as well to ask ‘smart’ questions. Some just don’t like being asked questions while some are open to answer. If you feel that your interview is going well and you are allowed to ask questions, try these

  • I am really interested to learn skills that could make me a better resource for this kind of job. Could you suggest any?
  • Would I have exposure to any additional skills other than the job description in case I am shortlisted?
  • If I do get shortlisted, when do you probably think I might need to join? Because I already feel like working here after interacting with you.
  • You must have taken so many interviews, could you please tell me some tips or skills I could improve on so that I can become a better version of myself.
  • Do consider the vibe, pulse of the interviewer before probing such questions. At times it is just better to just say “Looking forward to hearing from you soon whether the result goes in my favour or not” and leave with a smile.

Well, there you have it. We believe this will help savage the question above. Feel Free to use the comment box for your questions. Also, follow Us on Twitter for more Job Information.

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