Student Travel Insurance: All You Should Know

As an international student preparing to study abroad, or going on an adventure trip you must secure student travel insurance to protect yourself against unexpected medical or travel expenses.

Usually, having this coverage is a prerequisite for obtaining a visa or enrolling in a university overseas. In this guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about student travel insurance. To start, let’s delve into what student travel insurance is for…

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What is student travel insurance for?

Student travel insurance aims to assist you while studying abroad. It safeguards you against unanticipated problems like medical bills and misplaced or delayed luggage, allowing you to concentrate on your education mission.

This travel insurance will give you peace of mind even if something goes wrong during your stay abroad. You won’t have to worry about paying expensive medical fees or replacing lost luggage as a result of an accident.

Benefits of student travel insurance

The most significant advantage of student travel coverage is that it protects against unforeseen events that may occur while traveling and studying abroad. This policy covers emergency medical care if something goes wrong during your trip. It also provides students who do not have health insurance in their home country with access to affordable healthcare options overseas.

Where can you get student travel coverage?

Student travel insurance is available from different insurance companies. However, you can save money by comparing rates and coverage.

Choose an insurance company with a high reputation to ensure they offer competitive rates. Check if your coverage covers the activities you want to conduct while overseas. Some benefits, such as medical evacuation or repatriation, may be excluded by your insurer if you don’t buy them. You can get student travel coverage:

  • Directly from a local insurance provider.
  • Online, from international insurance firms that provide student travel insurance. You may go to their website, put down where you want to be protected and how long you want to be covered for, and then browse through the plans they provide and buy one.
  • With internet travel insurance brokers, where you can evaluate plans from various firms before deciding on one. Similarly, you must input the dates and locations for which you wish to be covered.

What is the cost of student travel coverage?

The cost of student travel insurance depends on your age and the type of policy you purchase. The best way to discover how much a specific insurance costs is to compare quotes from various firms online. Check out some of the sites that offer coverage to students who want to compare various suppliers at once. You may receive an estimate for student insurance here.

Who is eligible for a student travel plan

You are eligible for a student travel insurance policy if:

  • You are a student who is studying or taking a course at a university or school in another country.
  • You are doing an internship with a corporation in another country (paid or unpaid).
  • You are participating in an international vocational training program.
  • You are participating in a working holiday program.
  • You are an international volunteer.
  • You work as an “au pair” in another country.

The specific eligibility conditions vary depending on the firm from which you purchase the plan. Furthermore, there is an age limit beyond which you are no longer eligible for this travel insurance (usually 30 or 35).

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Differences between Student travel insurance and International Student Health Insurance

Let me walk you through the differences between student travel insurance and international student health insurance:


Student Travel Insurance  

International Student Health Insurance


It is short-term in nature. You will eventually need to switch from travel insurance to a long-term health insurance plan. It is long-term and can be extended for the whole duration of your studies abroad.


You must have student travel insurance before you travel. You can get international student health coverage before traveling or after you arrive.
It only covers emergency medical treatment. Covers both emergency and non-emergency medical treatment, including pre-existing conditions, maternity, and routine check-ups.


It covers trip interruption, disruption, delay, or cancellation. Doesn’t cover trip interruption, disruption, delay, or cancellation.


It covers loss, theft, and damage of luggage or personal belongings. Doesn’t cover loss, theft, or damage of luggage or personal belongings.
It covers emergency repatriation and evacuation. Covers emergency repatriation and evacuation.
It is ideal for students going on a short trip or international students who want to have health and travel insurance till they get a long-term plan. Ideal for international students and expats, who will stay abroad for a long time.


Things to note when buying a Student travel plan

  • Don’t buy the cheapest plan. If something appears to be too good to be true, it most likely is.
  • A low-cost student travel insurance plan is unlikely to provide you with all of the coverage you need in an emergency.
  • Carefully read the policy terms and conditions. Check to see what you have coverage for. For example, a corporation may claim cancellation coverage but have particular restrictions that are permissible, such as termination within two weeks for reasons beyond your control.
  • Check to see if it fits the standards of your school or the student visa.
  • Examine the policy’s exclusions. See what you are not covered for.
  • Find out how to file a claim.
  • Check to see if they have a helpline you can call.
  • Research the company and read reviews from previous customers.
  • Your student travel insurance coverage is within the timeframe you selected before purchasing the plan.
  • The coverage starts from the moment you depart your home country.
  • Coverage for trip disruptions or cancellations usually starts within two weeks. The longer the time frame you will be covered, the more expensive the policy is.
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Travel insurance is only required for international students as part of the visa application procedure. For example, if you apply for a Student Visa, most embassies will need you to present proof of adequate travel insurance for at least the first few months of your stay.

Long-term or foreign health insurance for students is required in some countries, such as the United States, and can be obtained through the school or an international plan.

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