Term Life Insurance Price Calculator

Getting a term life insurance policy is one of the wisest decisions ever you can take to protect your family & dependents from unforeseen events while at the same time, saving yourself a chunk of money spent on purchasing other kinds of the life insurance policy.

It is nevertheless necessary to estimate the amount that you’d need to pay, to guarantee enough coverage for your beneficiaries, after your death— and this, is where using a life insurance price calculator comes into place.

In this article we shall explain;

  • What a life insurance calculator is,
  • It’s major use and benefits and,
  • How to go about using this tool effectively.



Meaning of Term Life insurance Price Calculator


A term life insurance calculator is a digital tool that calculates the approximate premium rate you as a life term policyholder will need to pay for a certain period of the term(months-years) at the required coverage.


Major Use and Benefits of a Term Life insurance Price Calculator

A term life insurance calculator is a very reliable tool that helps you find the right insurance plan you need. It does this by using details you input into its system to search out and compare various insurance plans that best suits your requirement.

Apart from the extra time-saving process, a term life insurance price calculator provides, there are various other benefits you should be aware of before using this tool. They include:




  • It saves you a lot of money– The term life insurance price calculator offers you a list of online plans from insurance companies tailored to your required coverage. With this, all you have to just do is compare prices from each insurer and choose one that you can easily afford, for a good value.
  • It gives a more accurate amount of the insurance coverage needed– It is often easy to make an error of judgement over how much coverage your dependents will need to live comfortably after your demise.

A term life insurance price calculator, however, prevents this from happening by just working with your details given to gauge the adequate amount of death benefit that will be enough for your dependents to live by. Hence, you need not worry about the occurrences of inflation or other circumstances that could affect how much your beneficiaries would need as this digital tool has the pinpoint accuracy to take perfect care of that.

  • It allows for an efficient comparison– The term insurance plan calculator provides you with a tailored list of various term insurance plans by different insurers online and their premium rates thereby allowing you to make your most preferred choice while also saving time and money in the process.
  • It saves you valuable time– From the above benefits explained, you can find that using a term insurance calculator saves you from a lot of brain-racking on estimating the coverage or type of plan you’ll need to pay for and finding the best pricing for that amount. Don’t forget, All you are to do is input your details and based on your needs you do get a menu of choice.


How to Make easy use of a Term Life Insurance Price Calculator online

There are various life insurance calculators that you can make use of to determine your term life insurance payment online. Making use of this tool is a very easy process and occurs in the order of steps below:

  1. Enter personal details requested– The term life insurance calculator requests for your personal information such as your age, gender, health status such as your smoking habits, number of dependents you have, your annual income among others in order to accurately calculate the amount of coverage/premium price rate you’ll need to safely secure your beneficiaries.
  2. Specifically, enter the desired sum of coverage and term– You’ll also be requested to input how much death benefit amount you wish to pay for and the time duration to allow for a more precise calculation by the term life insurance calculator.
  3. Enter other financial information requested– You’ll be further asked information based on your state of finances such as your current expenses spent on family, education, your monthly expenses, debts or mortgage you are currently servicing, your estimated annual increase in income and current assets available to accurately estimate the amount of coverage your beneficiaries will need to live comfortably as you wish.
  4. Get results and compare plans given– After inputting all your details and submitting, the calculator does the job of providing you with the amount of coverage you’d need to pay for and a list of insurance companies offering your proposed premium pay at different ranges of price. It is then up to you to select the plan most preferable to you.




Note: This whole process takes no more than a few minutes (15mins at max). So you can certainly save your physical energy and time.


Overall, getting the term life insurance premium plan you desire is much easier as with the advent of the term life insurance premium price calculator. There are also additional perks you get to benefit from some certain other term life insurance premium price calculators online such as the freedom to customize the calculator in the way you deem fit.

To see how the details you input affect the premium rate you are to pay, read our next article here on understanding the factors that affect your term insurance premium calculation.


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