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20 Cheap Vocational Schools In UK

Vocational schools in UK have several programs and policies that are aimed at the provision of vocational education and training (VET) for young adults in the country.

This training is organized to help an individual to learn a certain trade and most importantly to be employable. If you are searching for cheap vocational schools in the UK, then you need to the flue at this article to the end.


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Overview Of Vocational Education And Training In The United Kingdom


When talking about vocational training in the UK you will understand that it starts from secondary school, with vocational General Certificates of Secondary Education (GCSEs) which is available in eight different subjects that include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Business
  • IT education
  • Health/social care
  • Applied Art and Design.


Goals Of 20 Cheap Vocational Schools In UK

This school has various goals and objectives for improving vocational education and training for developing it. Taking a lot at some of the goals gave been met by professionals’ work. As some of the goals include the following:


Goal 1

The young people in the country should be ready for skilled employment or higher education.

Goal 2

To tackle the skills gap, in which they will train both adults and young to have skills for employability and be progressive to higher levels of training.


20 Cheap Vocational Schools In Uk


1.   London Vocational College

This college strives to serve the individual needs, of employers and communities from a different range of backgrounds. Their mission is to make their students acquire more knowledge, skills, and behaviours that will enhance them to transform their lives.


2.   Bellerbys College

Bellerbys College is one of the UK vocational schools that is an educational network of colleges that is aimed at international students. This school is a co-educational college that provides educational opportunities for students from different countries across the world.


3.   Cambridge International College


This is an accredited British college that is specialized in providing modern career training. Their students have the grace of pursuing courses through a professional distance learning system. As the local organizations support the with tutorial assistance.

4.   Centre Academy London

This academy was formed by two special needs schools in the United Kingdom which are:

  • Centre Academy London
  • Centre Academy East Anglia

The two names mentioned above, follow the purpose of providing a good education as they enable students who have learning difficulties to excel.

Also, this school accepts students that have some conditions like Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and Speech and Language problems.


5.   Chef Academy Of London

They offer an effective and practical training program that enhances the students the tools they need to start a career as a professional chef.

If you studying at the chef Academy of London, one of the chef trainers will keep in check on you, till you are well established.

6.   CITI Limited

This school is classified as one of the vocational schools in the UK because they focus on the development of program management and professional project. Also what they have made available is MSc in Managing Major Projects and Programs.

7.   Coleg Llysfasi

This school was established in 1911 as they focus on education in the agricultural sector, especially concerning agricultural training. Their teaching styles focus on how to give out an excellent education in the student’s specialized study.

8.   Cornwall College

It is among the vocational schools in the Uk which is endorsed by the government of the UK to provide unique training. Also, it is one of the schools in the UK that has pride in vocational courses on their excellence in four departments. There are various opportunities for apprenticeship in accounting to plumbing.


9.   Gloucestershire College

This school is a well-known college for further and higher education, to provide a wide range of educational training programs. Also, they have three main sites in which one is based in the UK – Cheltenham, Gloucester, and the Royal Forest of Dean.


10.   London Drama School

This school is specialized in performing Arts. And they provide drama courses In small groups. As These courses come with individual, intense, and vocational training options. Moreover, they provide students with an external speech and drama examination board with the audition. They aim to equip students to become professional actors.

11.   London School Of Business And Finance

This school is a nonprofit institution campus in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Singapore. Their academic portfolio includes Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, Professional Qualifications, and executive training courses. In more than 150 countries their student has enrolled in this school Io improve their intellectual skills in their major field study.

12.  TEFL Academy

The TEFL Academy is the leading UK TEFL course provider. As their course was designed for effective teaching of their students on fundamental skills to be successful at teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). So if you desire to be a successful English teacher in a foreign language then TEFL is the right option for you.

13.   Wallace College

This school was established in 1972 and is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. As offers help for students to develop the necessary skills to succeed in their professional and academic careers. Also, they give diverse programs on English Language Courses.


14.  Westminister College

It offers professional teacher training courses that are both online and physical. They will teach me how to create better lives for myself. A proper superior provision, service, and original thinking will help to enhance their students.

15. Beaming White

The beaming white school offers the latest treatments in Laser Cosmetic Teeth Whitening and also Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Training.

This school gives you complete and thorough teeth whitening training and certification as a person in the business.

16.  Hall Cliffe School Vocational Centre

This school aims to provide pupils with a range of opportunities until they reach the peak of their potential. And also this school is well recognized as a vocational school in the UK.

17.  Pitman Training Group Limited

This is a private limited company that is based in Wetherby, West Yorkshire. This school is an independent training provider that delivers online and paper-based tests for some educational organizations.

18.   Stanfords College UK

Stanfords College UK helps to prepare students in making meaningful contributions as citizens. If you desire to have a rich learning experience and deep subject expertise in the broad liberal arts foundation, then this school is for you.

19.  School Of UX Design

Do you desire to have skills and knowledge that will make you become a well-rounded and valuable professional in design?

Apply to the school of UX design to get the skills, mindset, and confidence with other benefits like mentor support, portfolio projects, etc.


20.  Product School London

This is a vocational school where you will learn more about hours breaking into the field, by equipping your skills and building your network.

If you desire to have more knowledge of product management this is the right school for you to study for a few months to get your certification.


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With the above 20 cheap vocational schools that are measured above, you can get apply to any one of your choice that is in line with what you intend to learn to have a broad knowledge and be more employable with that skill.

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