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Move Abroad For Free Via Vocational Schools

Do you want to move abroad to attend free vocational schools to broaden your knowledge of your skills and make you more employable? It is not a bad idea to do vocational studies, which is a fast way to get free education and still get paid abroad. If you want to move abroad, you can try countries like Finland, Japan, Germany, Lithuania, and Australia, where you will get free vocational studies.

The most interesting thing about these schools is that they will even pay you to enjoy your stay while studying and working. So if you want to know more about how to move to this country, then follow me to the end of this article.

What Exactly Is A Vocational School?

A vocational school, which is also known as a career school or trade school, is a kind of education that is designed to teach students valuable skills they need when performing a task or job. This school offers you a practical aspect that will help you stay focused on your single field.

Maybe you are thinking about how it is different from college. The main difference is that trade school versus college comes with a style of training.

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For instance, the college offers you academic training while vocational training focuses much more on the technical skills that enhance the student for a certain trade.

The following are some of the defining characteristics of this vocational training:

  • The provision of practical learning gives acceleration to the learning programs for just two years.
  • It would require apprenticeships to further their knowledge in the area of their field.
  • also get a prior certification or credential.

How To Move Abroad For Free Via Vocational Schools

People in undeveloped countries usually have the challenge of moving abroad, especially if they can’t afford to pay $22, 000 to study.

But if you have a desire to leave your country, then this country is for you, so check out this opportunity on how to move abroad according to the country.

Move to Europe (Finland)

If you want to go to Finland as an international student to get a BSc, MSc, or PhD, it is the same thing for those that want to study a vocational skill.

The processing of the visa is the same thing. But you have an advantage beyond someone that is going to learn the theoretical aspect. There are various schools for vocational training in Finland that you can apply to. as they accept a lot of people who are in Finland already.

To get through vocation, we will be focusing on one of the schools that accept international students and where the tuition is free.

The Vamia University in Finland accepts international students and their tuition is free. At Vamia school, it has three vocational courses, which include: mechanic fitter, chef, and waiter/waitress.

If you are an international student, you can easily apply for these three. The stipulated time for the course is just three years. You can apply to study, and during the first year, you have to learn the language before you can apply to other schools.

In Finland, to get free tuition, you must learn the Finnish language, which is one of the criteria. If you want to apply to Vamia, it usually starts in August, which means you can easily put all your portfolios together and remember that they will select the best option.

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If you desire to apply as a cook, for instance, make sure your portfolio shows the qualities of a cook and you have more knowledge of being a cook.

You will also have your school certificate from your country, a CV, an international passport, and IELTS to study in Finland. You will also need proof of funds of €6700. As a vocational student, you also work for 30 hours a week. In two years during your vocational school, you can get a one-year internship. You can also have a two-year post-study permit for international students who come to study at the university.

Move to Europe (Germany)

The various types of vocational schools are; vocational training schools for trainees and company vocational training schools.

And the company’s vocational training gives students sponsorship, which gives them a free route to Germany through vocation. During this study in this country, you don’t need to have a blocked account, but you can have it if you desire it. This vocational school is the one to pay all your expenses for training and pay you some stipends at the end of the month.

For over 350 occupations that need vocational skills in Germany.

If you desire to study in Germany through the vocation route, it would require you to be able to speak the German language. You also need a B1 certificate and an international passport, including your school certificate from your country.

Usually, the application begins in August or September. You need to know that there is a regulated law that guides apprenticeships in Germany. You can also work for 10 hours a week at a job that is unrelated to your vocational skills.

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If you want an easy way for you to move abroad, then moving to Europe to study your vocational courses is the best way. Also, make sure you learn the country’s language before applying.

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