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Best Websites for Freelance Writing Jobs

A 16 years old boy asked me for the Best websites for Freelance Writing Jobs. Yes, he is just 16, I could have gone straight and tell list the websites for him. However, I thought it wise that many are in the same boat as my friend, Kendrick.

Today I do be list the best websites for your freelance writing jobs. Also, I do be giving you reasons why they are the best to use for online writing jobs. But before we get started, It will be wise to help you understand what Freelancing Writing Jobs is all about.

Freelance Writing Jobs is a kind of job were you writing for money. that is you are paid to write for someone or a company. Freelancing means you are not employed by an organisation. it is just you doing your job and getting paid off. It is Remote and most times you don’t even know who your clients are physical. Deals are done and close online without both parties meeting. Unlike when you work in a company. To Know how to Start Freelancing Read up.


Freelancing websites were created to connect freelancers with potential gigs. While some of the sites built for general freelancing gigs other are specified niches. For instance, There are freelancing websites for graphic designers, motion video editors, copywriters etc all in one. As we as there are special websites for each of them.

Now let’s begin with top Websites anyone aspiring to become a freelancer should visit for better gigs. Here are the best websites we put together after research and usage for a long period of time. We can beat our chest that these freelancing websites are the best you can use for your online Jobs.

With these websites, Freelancers can look for part-time or full-time work. They also provide different skill levels so you can find a new writing opportunity whether you’re just starting out or are an expert in the industry.


Best Websites for Freelance Writing Jobs


Blogging Pro

Blogging Pro is designed in a way that it looks like a job board with more than content writing jobs. In Blogging pro, you have all kinds of writing jobs. such as Journalism, Editing, Copywriting, magazine writing and many more. writing Niche on Blogging Pro includes; Social media content writing, Stock market writing, Poker news writing
And celeb writing.

With Blogging Pro, You can grow your client base and earn more. It is among our best because it has a way of getting you, clients, faster.


This is the most populous of all for freelancing jobs. it not only deals with writers but also web developers, graphics designers and more. it is designed in a way that your past work increases your reputation, there making it easier for experts to use. On Upwork, Writers can be paid either per hour or base on the completion of the project.

This website can be used for short-term jobs, recurring work with a specific client, or even full-time contract work. This means as a writer you will be able to earn for various jobs at different time intervals.


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FlexJobs is also a job board on which writers can find writing jobs or gigs. One of the benefits of FlexJobs is the screening and verification of all their jobs before posting. Therefore reducing the worries for scams and low paying gigs. Another benefit is that it offers a wide range of freelancing gigs. However, you have to sign up for a paid subscription before you can start using this platform.


Fiverr has also gained popularity among other freelancing websites with thousand of dedicated writers using the site. This platform is one of the best when it comes to connecting prospective freelancers to potential clients.

It created in a way that it can streamline the process of connecting freelancers with their clients efficiently. Both parties can also negotiate prices.

When it comes to finding writers with a specific niche, you can count on Fiverr. This is because the site is designed in a way that it has categories for almost all types of the online writing you can think of. allows you to post jobs and receive bids from the site’s freelancers. One can select a bid depending on the niche. Also, with this platform, it is easier to reach out to writers through the job board.

You can also decide to take a short term job or pick up a full-time job on this platform, it all base on choice.


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Here you have it, Best Websites for Freelance Writing Jobs. Feel Free to ask us questions by using the comment box. Also, Join our FREE Online Community for more about Online writing Jobs.

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