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What are skills | Best Skills for Resume

What are skills and which are the best skills for Resume? These are frequent questions that we will address. This post is to help you understand what skills are, best skills for a resume as well as why skills are important when choosing a career.

But first I do like to take you through step by step of Skills. Help you understand what skills are and it’s important. Also, make you understand what skills are to be added in your CV then how skills can contribute to choosing a career.


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What are Skills?

Skills are defined as the ability to perform an assigned task. They show how competent you are at a given task you are given. Skills can also be considered as talent, treat, or inherent a person has naturally, which enables them to perform a duty perfectly. Example of such is Sales skills, communication skills, etc. Skills show how knowledgeable one is in operating a task. Later in this post when I do get to explain the different types of Skills and how they can be acquired. Read on.

What are Skills?

Understanding what skills are and best skills for resume

Why skills are important?

Skills are essential to everyone who desires to go far in life. Skills make your employable and fit to work. They are also a good means to start up a business of your own. For those who don’t want to work under a boss and desire to be their own boss. They tend to develop their skills. Skills make an individual relevant in his or her field. Skills are also a means to become an expert in your industry. It is very important to have skills because it is a means through which we grow and become useful not just to us but the organization and industries we find ourselves.

Why skills are important for the job?

For jobs, skills are vital. No employer will want to employ an individual without any skill. At least basic soft skills like teamwork, creativity, communication, and others. Skills are what set you apart from other candidates apply for a similar job. The right skills fetch you the job and make you outstanding. As stated above, skills help you become a master in your profession. Skills also enable you to be promoted in your workplace. Skills are essential for young graduates looking to land a job.

Here are the reasons why skills are important to Job

They build up our Confidence: When we are knowledgeable in a particular thing we tend to have confidence. We can handle any issues and this in turn helps us to maintain peace of mind knowing that we can’t lose our job. Having skills in a specific field removes fear. You are always certain and confident about the future.

Recognition: Skills make you stand out. It gives you that recognition among your team. It also makes you influence your team.

Build your teamwork: Having skills help fasten your relationship in the team. Teammates always want to associate with the person who knows how to deliver.

Promotion: Skills are important when it comes to promotion. A skilful worker is easily promoted than the unskillful. Skills make your face shine. It makes your superiors attracted to you.

Easy to get a job: With skills, you are been sought after not the other way round. Employers these days don’t ask for what you graduate with. They are after what you have to offer. They want to know what ability you have to grow the firm. Are you competent enough? All these are what an employer need.

What Best Skills should you add to your Resume?

When working on your Cv or Cover letters it is very essential to know what kind of skills you should highlight. To start with the skills to be added to your CV understand the job description. You are advised to read the job description and requirements carefully. Then understand what the organization is looking out for as well as what type of skills will be suitable in the job position.

Essentially, it will be good you know there are two different types of skills. We have soft skills and hard skills. Read them up and understand what they mean. This will help you when you want to add up skills in your Resume. Skills to add to your Resume includes the following;

Soft Skills to add to your Resume

Obviously, this should be highly considered when writing your CV. Also, know how to tailor your soft skills to the job position you are applying for. Certain soft skills should always come up. Soft skills such as Teamwork skills, people’s skills, excellent communication skills, Creativity, Critical thinker, and more should be added to your CV.

Hard Skills to add to your Resume

Your hard skills are the skills you acquired in training. It is important to add them up in your resume as much as they match the job descriptions.

Skills should be tailored in a way that it matches the job descriptions and specifications. This will actually put you at an advantage over other candidates.

Get a skill that matches your job choice and add them up in your CVs. Also do well to research the company and the job role you are applying for. This will help you understand and come up with skills that will match the post you are applying for.

Which skills are in demand?

This is also important to know before acquiring a skill. Know the skills that are relevant and are mostly in demand. Be updated with the current skills. Employers love their employees to be up to date with current skills. We will also advise you to make research on skills that are mostly in demand you can read up our 10 highly in demand Skills.

Similarly, it is vital to know that Skills in demand may vary depending on the industry. For example, IT skills are important for IT person, Accounting Skills also for Accounting graduates same goes to HR Skills.

Skills in Demand

As mentioned above we have two types of Skills the soft skills and hard skills. These skills are both important for any career choice as well as career growth. To determine the current skill in demand one first have to understand what they meant individually and how they can be acquired. I will be explaining the individual skills and listing important skills under each that is in demand.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are skills that are difficult to quantify. This is the type of skill that mostly comes naturally, some said it can be inherited. They are attributes, treats of an individual. However, soft skills can also be learned just like your hard skills. Soft skills are important because they prove that you can work well with others, interact with clients, learn, grow, make sales, and help the growth of your organization.

Soft Skills in Demand includes

Here is a list of soft skills in Demand

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Excellent Communication
  • Creativity Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • People’s management
  • Work Ethnics
  • Teamwork
  • Growth Mindset
  • Adaptability and more.

There are more important soft skills that are in demand. Read them up and build them up within you. The many importance of Soft skills can never be overemphasized.

Best Skills for Resume

Hard Skills

Hard skills are equally essential when building a career. Therefore, it is vital to know which hard skills that are in demand. This will help you know which skill to equip yourself with so as to be relevant to the industry.

Unlike soft skills, hard skills are very easy to learn. First, hard skills are skills that are learned by training for example web development, digital marketing, graphics design, and more.

Hard skills in Demand

Here are our top 10 hard skills in demand you might need to click to get detailed information. We also encourage you to make researches and know what hard skills are currently in high demand in your field. This will in no small way to help you to add value to your organization or business.

  • Block-chain
  • Cloud Computing
  • Coding
  • Videography
  • Sales
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Business Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Ux/UI
  • Microsoft Excel

There are more hard skills that are currently in demand in the labour market. It will be wise to get the one that is needed in your field.

What are Skills and Best Skills for Resume

How skills contribute to career choice

Skills play a vital part in individual career choice. The skill you develop will contribute to or determine which career you may likely end with. For example, someone with content creating skills, SEO skills, and order digital skills is likely to start a career as a digital marketer. If an individual is good at using JavaScript, CSS as well as HTML, that individual will love to start a career coding or other related jobs. Thereby adding great value to the organization.

Skills contribute to a career choice in the sense that when planning to start a career there are the element you must put into consideration first. Here are the following element

Adding value in your career

First, you want to know if you will be able to add value in your chosen career. This is what we consider when starting a career and the best way to add value to your career and the organization is by equipping yourself with great skills that enable you to become a master in your field. Skills help you in adding value, therefore, contributing to the choice.

Determine your attitude at work

Skills are what determines how you behave at work. Ones you learn this then it is easier to know which career choice to go with. Skills determine how you relate, interact, and work well with others. Your attitude towards sales and developing a strategy that is efficient and helpful in achieving goals.

Personality development

Skills have a way of building your personality. You tend to become something you spend most of your time in. this is what skills does thereby contributing and helping you build a career in that aspect that eventually has become who you are.

Growth in your interest

Skills are factors that allow us to grow and go far in our field of interest. Without skill in what we love to do, we will soon become discouraged and find such boring. Skills light up that passing and give us the courage to keep going. Skills in our area of interest will enable us to build a career in it.


Skills increase our chances. That’s why in an organization the more you develop on your skills the more chance of been promoted. Acquiring skills increase our API performance. They make us irreplaceable in a working environment. Therefore creating a lot of opportunities for us. Great skills make one high demand by employers in different organizations. It creates that opportunity that eventually takes us high in our career.

However, your career choice can also determine the skills you need to equip yourself with. For instance, a graduate who loves to start a career in Engineering will have to start gathering Skills relating to an Engineering career.

So it is safe to say, that Skills contribute to career choice and also career choice can as well determine what skill to learn. One who is already in a particular might need to learn new skills to remain relevant in the field of expertise.

What are skills (Best Skills for Resume)

Wrap up

Skills are the abilities that enable you to perform an operational task. Job promotion, working well with team members, the ability to influence workers, and act as a leader in an organization are great reasons why skills are important when choosing a career. Also, skills are important to choosing a career because they in turn contribute to career growth and relevant in the field of profession.

We hope this post had to help you not just understand the reasons why skills are important but also help you to know which skills to add up to your CV. How skills can contribute to our choosing a career is also an essential part of skills and why they are important.

Share your thoughts on this. We really love to get your contribution to this topic. Use the comment box. You can follow us on socials too for job updates.


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