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What is Graduate Trainee Program

What is Graduate Trainee Program? This is a question every fresh graduate or undergraduate regularly ask when the thought of a job comes to mind. for the layman understand we are going to do justice to this frequently asked question. We are going to discuss the whole concept of graduate trainee and help you understand how to go about it.

To start with, we do be looking at some major subheadings that will help this discussion as well as help your understanding of the graduate trainee program.


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Below are things to discuss

  1. What is a Graduate Trainee Program?
  2. What is the role of a trainee?
  3. Graduate Trainee Skills
  4. How long is a Graduate Trainee?
  5. Graduate Trainee Vs Internship
  6. The Benefit of Graduate Trainee
  7. Graduate Trainee Salary

Which this in mind, I strongly believe you are not far from understanding what Graduate Trainee means. Now let us look at each subheading one after the other.


What is a Graduate Trainee Program?

The graduate trainees Program is a program designed for fresh graduates who are transitioning into a workplace. This program is designed for the purpose of the trainees to gain some practical work experience.

They have a role that they carry out through the guidance of senior staff. They learn as they work. In Graduate Trainee Program, Trainee usually has a degree related to the work they are trained in. As a trainee, aside from work, attending meetings, workshops or seminars can also be another means through which a senior staff can train you.




What are the Roles of a Trainee?

Next, is to understand what Graduate Trainee roles or job descriptions look like. Before listing the job descriptions for GT programs, it is important for fresh graduates to understand that the company is looking to retain only successful trainees. To become one you should be an enthusiasts self-starter, able to express confidence. Also, you should be willing to learn not just about your role, but also, learning other aspects of the company.

This will increase your chances of been selected. A good trainee should learn how to build relationships with the staff and leave a good mark. These are key things a recruiter want to see. Below is the list of Graduate Trainee Job descriptions;

Graduate Trainee Responsibilities:
  • Ability to participate in on-the-job training wherever possible.
  • Performing office duties as required by the supervisor
  • Taking part in meetings, workshops, and team-building events.
  • Ensuring that day to day experiences are taken note of as well as keeping a log of things learned.
  • Creating reports and making presentations
  • Build professional relationships with staff and maintaining a positive energy
  • Carrying out research and assisting other professionals
  • Completing fieldwork or visiting different work sites when required.
  • Responding to queries of the company
  • Ensuring evaluation of work at the end of the graduate program.
Graduate Trainee Requirements:
  • A Degree in the relevant field.
  • Previous work experience is not necessary, but may be advantageous. (You can refer to your Service year or Undergraduate internship)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to conduct research
  • Ability to learn and grow
  • A positive attitude and a growth mindset.


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Graduate Trainee Skills

Just like every other role, They also require you to possess some set of skills to be effective. Below is the list of Skills to possess;

  • Effective communication skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Having a great sense of judgement.
  • Trustworthy and reliable.
  • Attention to detail Oriented.
  • Ability to act and express confidence.
  • Teamwork skills.
  • Interpersonal abilities.
  • Organised and methodical.
  • Logical and Creative Thinker


How long is a Graduate Trainee?

Graduate programmes offer a structured and tailor-made route into the profession as well as opportunities to build both your commercial knowledge and professional network. Coming in different variations, they can last from three months up to three years.


Graduate Trainee Vs Internship

They might be confusing, some thinks they are similar but they are not. Although a lot of similarities but certainly not the same. GT Programmes is meant for fresh Graduates. An internship can be at any level as well as for undergraduates.  Kindly read more about Graduate Trainee Vs Internship.


The Benefit of Graduate Trainee

Here is a quick list of the Benefits.

  • Help to decide your chose career path
  • Professional Development of trainee
  • Clear Development Plan
  • Long term Support
  • Building Networks with professionals


Graduate Trainee Salary

The salary is base on the company. why some company pays high as well as provides a good working environment, another pay low. So the salary of a GT is base on the company hiring them.


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