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Top 10 Words to Avoid Using in Your Resume.

There are Words to Avoid Using in Your Resume if you are serious about getting a Job. Some of these words might sound cool and enticing to use however, they will lead to rejection from the hiring manager. it is well better not to use them when working on your resume.

Having shown you words you should endeavour to add to your resume. Those are winning words to use for your resume, it is time to also show you words not to use in your resume.
There are words to avoid when writing a resume, this is because they are heinous and can dampen your chances of been selected.
According to a new career builder survey of hiring managers and HR. There are 5 typical words to avoid when working on your resume. We are going to highlight these words and give a brief reason why you should avoid them.

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Words to Avoid Using in Your Resume.

Go-Getter: this word might sound cool but it is not. What are you getting? Go-Getter might mean you are over-ambitious which might not be decent enough as you can also commit a crime to get what you want. You are not an army force, so ensure you slap that word out of your resume.

Go to Person: This or phrase doesn’t make sense. Where are you going? It is just incomplete and doesn’t make sense. So it is best to avoid it.

Synergy: This means Interaction or cooperation of two or more companies. It is a heavy word. You don’t want to use this when you know you don’t have that ability. So ensure not to add this to your resume.

Think outside the box: this presents you to the recruiting manager as cheezy and not tasty. What are you thinking outside the box? Also, humans don’t think in a box so there isn’t any need to think outside the box.

Best of the breed: Ask yourself what breed. The breed is common to animals and dogs at that. It best to leave it out of your resume.

Botton line: This isn’t just a good word for a resume, ensure you don’t add this to your resume.

Team player: buzzwords such as these are not just it. You should not add it.

Hard worker: this might sound good, but if you can’t give a clear explanation leave it out.

Self-motivation: Also, this sounds very nice, but in actual fact, you shouldn’t add it.

Track Record: avoid using this word if you can properly explain with data the record you are tracking.




Now you have it, Words you should ensure not to use in your resume, other buzzwords as reported by CareerBuilder include; leadership, value-added, result-driven, proactive, dynamic and strategic thinker. As you notice, these words are cool and certainly sounds nice to use, but for your own good avoid them.


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