Top 9 Best Healthcare Insurance Companies in US 2022.

Healthcare insurance is one aspect of your life that should never be taken lightly. And this by implication applies to the insurance companies you choose to insure your healthcare services with.

You want a healthcare insurance company that will offer you the best service right at the time you need them most.

Nevertheless, choosing the best healthcare insurance provider depends on a lot of factors ranging from your personal requirements to the general standing of the insurer.

In this post, we shall guide you through a list of the best healthcare insurance providers available in the US. We’ll also show you how you can personally verify their reputation and get the best policy you require.


Top 9 Best Healthcare Insurance Companies


Metrics Used in Rating Healthcare Insurance Companies.

There are certain features that are used in measuring the general standard of a healthcare insurance company.

These features can also be referred to as ‘metrics’. They include:

  • The financial strength of a company
  • Customer satisfaction rate
  • Policyholder complaints
  • Price of plans
  • Claims service
  • Policy offerings
  • Coverage benefits
  • Provider Network of healthcare professionals.
  • Coverage areas

Recognized rating agencies make use of some or majority of the above metrics to rank top healthcare insurance providers. Such important rating companies include:

  • NCQA
  • JDPower
  • AMbest
  • NAIC complaint index (National Association, of Insurance Commissioners’)
  • Trust BBB (Better Business Bureau)


Top 9 Healthcare Insurance Companies in the US.

The following are ranked the best healthcare insurance companies you can consider safely buying a healthcare policy from. They are based on a combination of data from the various rating agencies:


Blue Cross Blue Shield


This organisation, also known as BCBS, offers both nationwide and global coverage in over 170 countries. Its flexible policy options with affordable plans make it one of the best choices.

It also has an AM Best Financial Strength Rating of A with an A+ BBB grade.

The major downside to the company is customers’ complaints on their average customer service.


 United Healthcare

This company stands out for its efficient online health care service. They include many special add-on benefits in their policies such as free primary care and affordable drug prescriptions.

It also has an A+ rating in financial strength from AM Best.

The disadvantage attached to the company is the average customer satisfaction rating from their consumers.


 Kaiser Permanente


Ranked as the number one overall health insurer via, Kaiser Permanente is known to provide high-quality care services to its customers. It is also considered as an insurance provider with the best Medicare advantage plans (J.D power survey).


Its various health and health-savings plan options open to customers renders it among the best healthcare insurance provider in the nation.

However, the slight drawback to the company is that they have very limited coverage areas and also a limited variety of health professionals you can choose from.


The coverage areas they operate in consist mainly of 8 states which are; California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Oregon, Virginia and Washington. Hence, people living outside these areas have no access to plans.



Aetna has a wide coverage that spans all 50 states in the US. It has various policy options open to consumers along with wellness programs.

It is given an excellent financial rating of A by AM Best.

However, it appears to have an average star rating of 3.5 from



Cigna is well-known for quality telehealth services to its customers.  It includes additional plans in its policy such as dental care. The company has an A grade rank with AM Best.

The only drawback is their limited coverage area as plans are only available to 13 states.



It is the largest Medicaid care organization present in the US.

Medicaid is a system for providing medical assistance to persons unable to afford medical treatments.

Its policy is limited to certain states.


Molina Healthcare

Molina healthcare is popular for its excellent preventative care and wellness programs available to customers.

It offers private healthcare insurance to only 11 states in the US (California, Texas, Utah, Michigan, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico, Mississippi, Wisconsin and Washington).



Humana is a favourite Medicare insurance provider for the elderly. It also has affordable premium rates depending on where you live.

The company has comparably limited health care providers in its network with a star rating of 3.0 from Forbes



Anthem is the best health insurance plan for young adults due to its low-cost plans and wide range of policy options available. It is also available to many states.

However, the anthem is not the best choice for people with serious health conditions or who might soon be in need of expensive health procedures

The company has an NAIC complaint index of 1.34—showing a higher-than-average customer satisfaction.



In summary,

Along with your health condition needs and budget limit, getting the best healthcare insurer you need often narrows down to the area you reside in. As such, it’s important you research the well-rated ones available in your area.

Do simple research by comparing each of their—policy costs and coverage details; customer reviews on services; provider network; and the additional policy benefits they have that you might find useful.

You can also do this online through the insurance companies’ sites. The sites ask you for details pertaining to your location, profile or conditions and offer you policies that are available around you, based on what you require.

This way, you get to choose the plan best suited to your needs, for an affordable amount.

In other words,

Good wishes on your journey to getting the best healthcare you deserve!


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