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Top 10 Grant Management Software In 2023

Do you want to know the best 10 grant management software in the year 2023? Then keep reading this article for you to be enlightened.

Grant management software is commonly used by Non-profit organizations and educational constitutions like Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Moreover, the software helps to fund the seeking & execution process of these organizations from various fundraisers.

This software will help you with various tasks for an NGO ranging from budget planning, searching fundraisers, collaborating with peers, fund management, tracking, and managing funds utilized.

However, grant management software solutions can work around the entire fundraising and managing cycle for the non-profit organization.

For instance, there are software solutions that work in the pre-award mechanism like tracking, scheduling events, etc.  Also, the software for non-profits is socially useful as its disabilities all manual intervention & automates every process that is related to funds as well as utilization.

In this article, we will list the top 10 grant management software for you so that you can decide on the one you require.

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What Is Grant Management?

Grant management is the life cycle of finding, processing, prioritizing, and completing grant applications from beginning to end.

Moreover, grant makers set strategic goals that fit their mission and are responsible for evaluating applications and awarding grants that suit their goals.

However, grant seekers collect internal information, search and apply for grants that fit their needs.  Also, you must track how the non-profit complies with regulations and how the grant affects the organization.

Top 10 Grant Management Software In 2023

1.    Submittable

Submittable is an application management solution that helps teams to manage the application and review process. This offers features ranging from multichannel and form creation to review management and autoscoring. Moreover, the platform is mobile-ready to give you the flexibility you need.

2.    Zengine By WizeHive

A CRM-centric grant management software that helps organizations in education, research institutes and non-profits manage process lifecycles involving grants, fellowships and awards among others.

This feature has more than a thousand integrations, robust reporting and a powerful built-in CRM module. These make it a go-to solution for cause-based organizations.

3.    Optimy

Optimy enables corporate foundations to optimize and measure their corporate social responsibility.  Moreover, with Optimy, users can create and tailor their forms and administer and manage many activities from the centralized dashboard. Also, the features include customizable forms, automated workflows and data exports and reporting.

4.    NetSuite Grant Management

This is an integrated cloud-based management software for non-profit organizations, foundations, and social enterprises. Moreover, NetSuite offers an end-to-end solution and visibility into every stage of the grant lifecycle.

Among its features are grant and fund accounting, financial management and segmentation, automated FASB reporting, etc.

5.    PeopleSoft Grants Management

A fully web-based and integrated end-to-end grants management software product developed by Oracle to streamline the administration of grants for federally funded research and projects.

However, it provides institutions and agencies with the capability to automate pre-and-post-award processes, access information and collaborate from the central repository, and comply with institutional and sponsor requirements.

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6.    SurveyMonkey Apply

A user-friendly and customizable online application management software that allows organizations and associations to automatically and painlessly collect, manage and review grant applications and manage and review grant applications, and drive their mission forward.

7.    Workday Grants Management

This is a fully integrated, automated, and featured grant management application that aids government, education, and healthcare organizations in tracking managing, and reporting agent funds.

Also, to gain visibility into grant activities and expenditures, automated post-award processes, and comply with grantmaking agencies and sponsors to report regulations and requirements.

8.    FluidReview

The end grants management software solution that reviews the complexity in handling phases of grants programs, enables organizations.

To build branded portals, streamline the grant application process, create automated and triggered processes and tasks and intelligently select the right candidates for the grand programs.

9.    CyberGrants

It has a comprehensive and highly configurable grants management solution that inspires, empowers, and engages all people involved in the grant’s lifecycle process.

Moreover, it helps corporations, foundations, and nonprofits to simplify the administration and implementation of their philanthropic and charitable initiatives.

10. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct gives a wide range of out-of-box features with customizable functions to fit various conversion funnels and purchase orders. The cloud-based solution enhances users with tools to boost efficiency to grow their businesses.

Things To Look for In Grant Management Software

Before you select your grant management software you must have these few things in mind.

1.    It Must Integrate with Your Fundraising Tool

Most non-profit donation processors integrate with other fundraising and marketing tools. Also, the grant management software offers the same. You will want to find software that works with your existing donor database to ensure a seamless transition.

2.    Should Be Easy to Use

The main purpose is to purchase grant management software is to save time. When you are defeated the purpose, it will take hours to set up and understand a new grant management software system.

3.    It Should Gather and Store Internal Information

Grant seekers collect and store financial and program details throughout the process of the grant. As the software will make it easy for you to store and search for the information.

4.    Must Automate Tracking and Communications with Team Members

Automation is the best way to limit the time spent on administrative duties. When you seek grant management software, find one that easily updates your calendar and sets and tracks deadlines, team member tasks, and reminders.

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Grant management software gives automated and streamlined systems for grant makers and grant seekers. When you found the best grant management software for your organization you can easily move on to find the right grants, create proposals and track how the grant supports your organization.





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