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12 Best Traveling Apps You should have

Moving abroad might be stressful. Don’t get us wrong: it’s a life-changing experience, with fun and excitement around every corner. However, there may be some bumps along the way.

Fortunately, whether you’re travelling abroad for school, work or a new start with your family, there’s an app for everything to help you out.

With only a few downloads, your phone can be your tour guide, interpreter, and teacher on your travel – and we’re here to show you which ones can benefit you the most. Check out our list of the best Traveling Apps You should have to download if you’re going overseas below.


12 Best Traveling Apps You should have

  • Transfergo 
  •  WhatsApp 
  • LinkedIn 
  • JustEat
  • Google map/Waze
  • DocuSign 
  • Duolingo
  • Google translate 
  • Tinder
  • Netflix 
  • YouTube


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Here are the 12 Best Traveling Apps you should have on your phone when moving abroad


TransferGo is an international money transfer service. TransferGo now allows you to send Naira to Nigerian bank accounts from the EU and the UK. They have 24/7 delivery to a bank account in Nigeria – it takes less than 30 minutes to transfer to an NGN or USD bank account, as well as USD cash pick up.

It’s far superior to the conventional methods of sending money home (sending it with someone or yourself).



WhatsApp is used to communicate with friends and family. It is pervasive and even necessary for enterprises. People are more likely to ask for your WhatsApp contact than your phone number. WhatsApp allows you to text anyone around the globe who also has the app for free; you can even use it to make calls.



When you go overseas, LinkedIn can assist you to find work. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is appropriately optimized so that recruiters can find you.

Change your location to your current nation to be able to find employment opportunities in that country on LinkedIn.



JustEat assists with food ordering and delivery.


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Google Maps/Waze

For instructions, Google Maps and Waze are excellent options. The app’s user-friendly UI and attention to detail absolutely shine. If you wish to use the map offline, remember to save it to your cache (enter “Okmaps”).

Waze collects data on topics like traffic accidents, road conditions, and police checkpoints using crowdsourcing technology. It contains a revolving cast of famous voices, including Morgan Freeman and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Waze lacks pedestrian and public transportation routing, as well as offline features.



Docusign assists in the signing of new papers, such as rental agreements. DocuSign may be ideal for individuals who want to speed up the approval procedure for transactions and contractual agreements.

DocuSign allows you to speed up the approval process by offering online signatures that are validated by email address.



Duolingo is a language-learning app. Duolingo is an app that makes learning languages enjoyable and rewarding. You will be taken through exercises that will test your understanding of the local language. According to one study, utilizing Duolingo for 34 hours is the equivalent of finishing one university semester language course.


Google Translate

Google Translate aids in the translation of foreign languages. Google Translate may function as your personal pocket translator. It will allow you to translate text across 108 languages. Instant camera translation allows you to translate 94 languages just by pointing your camera at the text. It can also draw text characters in 96 languages instead of typing.



To meet new people and to date. This software is used by 50 million people worldwide each month and is easily the most popular dating app available. Although applications like TourBar, MileHi, and AirDates have attempted to specialize in finding your company overseas, the swipe left/right classic is still your best chance.


Netflix and YouTube

Netflix and YouTube are for entertainment purposes only. YouTube also functions as an educational tool.


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While there are many more wonderful apps for living abroad to test, some are only available in certain regions.
My list of important apps for ex-pats includes apps that will work in numerous locations across the world, making them incredibly handy not only when you move overseas, but also when you travel.
Do you have any apps that you simply adore and would recommend? Please leave them in the comments!

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